For a Healthy Garden Start a Composter Program

Composting is really just a way of giving back to the soil or mother nature as it were what it has given you. There is a cycle that things go through in order to grow. Making sure that the soil is healthy is the beginning of a good garden.

A compost program is good for the planet because it cuts down on the amount of waste that is sent off to the landfill. It is amazing to watch things that were once considered refuse to be recycled and put to good use.

Compost has many other functions besides just being good fertilizer for the earth. It also acts as a soil conditioner, a mulching agent Soil that has the proper amount of compost retains moisture better and that is beneficial for the plants.

Composting is a very old strategy and is practiced all over the globe. It is used on a large scale for farms but backyard gardeners can benefit from the effects also.

Every day materials that you gather together from your home and parts of your yard will be converted into a black substance, somewhat fragrant, and crumbly. This will become the compost material.

The materials in soil bacteria and fungi can survive and multiply as they break down. The bacteria is the key to a good compost. The bacteria will act as a converter for all the other materials so they need to be in a proper environment.

To begin a compost program gather as much of the green and dry elements as you can from around your garden. Collect grass clippings and green weeds, they have a lot of sugar elements and protein and will decompose rapidly.

Leaves should be added to the greens when they are decomposing. This type of material takes a long time to break down as they have little nitrogen.

You do not need to be a pro to start a compost program. All you really need is a love of nature and a desire to learn.