Ford Ecoboost Police Interceptors are Quickest Accelerators

The 2015 Ford EcoBoost Police Interceptor retained its spot as champion for the quickest-accelerating police pursuit vehicle in separate tests conducted by each the Michigan State Police Division and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. In the tests Ford’s EcoBoost Police Interceptor accelerated more rapidly than all of its competitors.

For 17 consecutive years the Ford Police Interceptor has maintained its segment-sales leadership, being the number-one promoting police car given that 1996. In this year’s tests the EcoBoost-powered Ford Police Interceptor beat all of the competition’s V8-equipped sedans. Ford’s Police Interceptor utility automobile with EcoBoost also out accelerated each all-new V8-equipped utility vehicles and every V6-powered sedan in its class.

Arie Groeneveld, the Ford Police Interceptor’s chief engineer, stated that Ford is thrilled to have repeated as victors of the best-acceleration tests, as allowing an officer to quickly close the distance to a automobile becoming targeted is vital in avoiding higher-speed pursuits. Groeneveld also said Ford is committed to supplying police automobiles that are constructed about officer safety although still delivering outstanding functionality.

Michigan Tests Outcomes
The preliminary results of the Michigan State Police tests showed Ford’s 2015 all-wheel drive Ford Police Interceptor sedan to be the quickest of the fast, posting a five.85-second time when accelerating from -60 mph. That time is compared to a six.31 second time for a competing all-wheel drive V8 sedan. All-wheel drive is common on The Ford Police Interceptor sedan, whereas the feature is optional on its closest rival. Ford’s EcoBoost sedan also topped an additional competing V8 6. liter-equipped sedan that clocked a 6.17 second -60 mph time.

Jonathan Honeycutt, Ford’s Police Automobile marketing manager, stated that the Ford EcoBoost Police Interceptor is the only police vehicle that was pursuit-tested for 3 consecutive years by both the Michigan State Police Division and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department even though both the vehicle’s electronic stability and traction manage security systems were engaged. Honeycutt emphasized that Ford’s safety philosophy needs testing their automobiles exactly as the police departments would drive the automobiles.

Ford’s Police Interceptor sedan also took very first spot in the -100 mph test at the Michigan State Police Department, turning in a time of 14.19 seconds, even though the closest competing V8 five.7-liter powered sedan posted a 15.63 second -100 mph time an additional rival six.-liter sedan posted 14.69 seconds at -one hundred mph.

The benefits had been comparable for the utility-vehicle class. The Ford Police Interceptor utility automobile with standard full-time all-wheel drive reached 60 mph in 6.55 seconds and hit one hundred mph in 16.13 seconds. A competing automobile powered by a V8 five.three-liter achieved a 7.31 second -60 mph time with an 18.99 second -one hundred mph. The Ford Police Interceptor utility also repeated as possessing the fastest lap time amongst police utility cars on the Grattan Raceway.

Los Angeles Tests Outcomes
The test results from Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department were even a lot more telling for the Ford Police Interceptor. The LA County Sheriff’s Department performed their tests in “essential on and drive” mode, which means the vehicle’s stability and traction control have been set to default, so the systems are active as quickly as the vehicle is began.

The Ford Police Interceptor sedan once more repeated as the all round quickest-accelerating automobile in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Division tests, with a five.9 second -60 mph time. The Ford EcoBoost Police Interceptor utility vehicle placed first all round, out-accelerating all base-model V6-powered sedans, posting the quickest lap time of 1:20.47 at Auto Club Speedway, in Fontana, California, exactly where the LA testing was accomplished. The EcoBoost Police Interceptor utility also had the very best stopping distances of any automobile in its class.

The most recent data obtainable, as reported on, as of November 2014 shows that Ford has controlled more than half of the new police-vehicle marketplace with 56 % of all sales, with a higher of a 66-percent market place share in July 2014.
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