Forthgoer mini portable spy DVR Play Different Role in Your Daily Life

Play a Different Role in Daily Life!

If you are an active news blogger, citizen journalist, investigator or just an amateur funny video movie-makers, then you should say hello to this Forthgoer- High Definition Mini Pinhole Camcorder, which has a button mini camera system for all kinds of uses and people. You will enjoy 40% Off,

Use it as a spy camera. The mini high definition pinhole camera lens can be as a button, which can easily be concealed in your pocket. You just press the recording button, you can capture audio and video, with 25frames per second, AVI format. The Forthgoer camera support SD card, can support up to 32GB max. if so, you can hold about 8 hours of quality video recording at the highest video resolution: 720 X 576.

Use it as a sports camera. You are watching a wonderful match, so do you have thinking that capture it and watch at home over and over? If so, you should take this Forthgoer DVR. It lets you capture all the live event footage your heart desires! So whether you are fan of football, soccer, basketball or horseracing, this Forthgoer can meet your needs. After you get home just download the videos to you PC via USB cable. Very easy and fantastic.

Practical usage, evidence collection. Whether you need to video capture someone red-handed or in a compromising position, this amazing device delivers! With it, you will never ware a spy camera system, or with a CCD surveillance camera. You just use the camera belt of it, and this camera become a versatile CCTV solution on your hands.

The forthgoer High Definition Mini Pinhole Spy Camcorder act different parts in daily life. So if you have this camera in your hand, then you will also can act different parts in life, and have more fun.