Fought In The European Union Of 40 Water Heater Business Baotuan Sprint Ce Certification – Water

News from Shun Gas Appliance Chamber of Commerce understands that with gas companies in the PRD EU CE certification seminar, with the majority of companies said Shunde gas exports to ease pressure on economic performance will look better target the EU market. Currently,

Million and , Combo with exporters such as gas-related projects have been initiated, Baotuan sprint CE.
Export about 100 million yuan in the first quarter
Present, Foshan, with gas exports to OEM basic mainly concentrated in the barbecue pits,
Gas stoves With and Gas Water Heater
Three categories, the majority of the USA, Australia, Canada, and Russia. According to a Chamber of Commerce, Shunde gas to provide relevant statistical data show that in 2007, Shunde only gas water heater, barbecue pits,

Heaters Export of such products have 38.91 million units, sales of 1.585 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for Shunde

Home Appliances Products exports by 20%. However, beginning this year, the export of related products is not so optimistic, according to the relevant export enterprises shows that the first quarter, exports were only about 100 million yuan.

By the sub-prime crisis, are now sold in the United States, the rapid reduction of the number of gas appliances. Compared to last year, with gas production costs increased approximately 12% to 20%, number of enterprises, each received an order may mean more losses.

Reduce the size of some enterprises export
Branch vice president of Freeman Herbalife predicted water heater, said: “there is a big export trade risk, more than half of the face of foreign export enterprises have not rush to pick up orders, export orders are expected this year or will be reduced more than half. “

It is understood that the export trade in gas over a dollar to exchange, while the tax rebate was reduced to 5%. In addition, because Europe and the United States developed a strict market access system, there are already some export enterprises were forced to cut exports of Gas with the scale.

According to insiders, the EU common market, the price of gas water heater in 1000 euros or more, condensing gas water heater as high as more than 3000 euros, the equivalent of the local price of a car.

Foshan gas appliance for businesses, the EU market will be a “meat and potatoes.” Shunde Gas Appliance Chamber of Commerce, 10000 and CEO Yeyuan Zhang said: “This year, export of gas in connection with a shrinking business, business to reflect the total orders last year reduced exports to ease the pressure, have to look aimed at the economic performance better in the EU market.

“The EU market of electrical products must pass the CE certification.” TUV Rheinland’s experts said that the EU has a large gas appliance market, with products to enter the European gas market, need CE certification, as EU security of gas with very strict control, gas appliances must be tested by the Notified Body and the European Union, through its inspection, only with CE certification to enter the EU market.

Million and now, Herbalife, Evergreen (Gen. Stewart), forward, etc. more than 40 are exporting or are interested in exporting firms are Baotuan sprint to the certification. SABUNG AYAM