Four Advantages Of A Chicken Coop Tractor

A Chicken Tractor is the ideal structure to use in housing chickens for laying fresh eggs. It provides for only a small flock of 2-4 chickens which is the number you need while starting a project of raising chickens.

As you begin to grow your flock, you will need a more permanent structure but as a start, use a chicken tractor first.

There are numerous portable chicken coops that you can buy but it is less expensive if you build your own. If you involve your family in the construction, it would be better because it will give you an opportunity to share something with them and it will benefit all of you.

Keeping pet chickens in your backyard is best done with a chicken coop or similar enclosure. Listed below are four advantages if you opt to make or buy a chicken coop tractor. These are:

Firstly you can protect your garden from being trashed when the chickens look for food. They are placed inside the coop tractor so they can’t damage your plants and flowers, if your garden has any.

Secondly predators or animals which can harm the chickens are kept at bay so the safety of your chickens is assured. Even your neighbor’s pets cannot harm them because you can easily move the tractor inside your garage.

Thirdly, it is also easier to clean the area where the coop tractor is placed because you can move it around as most tractors have wheels. If you put straw beneath it, the chickens’ waste will stick to it and it is easier to get rid of so your coop area will be odor free.

Lastly, if you decide to stop raising chickens, putting the chicken coop tractor away will be a lot easier because it is small and doesn’t take a lot of space.
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