Foxconn And The “national Average Suicide Rate”

Proper attention in the first five months of Foxconn has eight employees committed suicide when, on May 14, “No. 9” Foxconn workers jumped up. Appeared in the media, “10 Jump Foxconn how to avoid” the worry. 19, Guangzhou, media reports, ” Shenzhen City public emotional care centers “in 17, has” received a Foxconn families of suicide cases. “This is attempted,” the first 10 cases. “

Then produced a statement, the media “speculation” Foxconn suicide incidents, the “imitation effect.” However, even if it is a cause, then it may be very minor. Imitation, after all, suicide is not an easy task. Another way is to “jump 8”, a band out of time, it is Foxconn’s “suicide rate” well below the national average.

With data that, on average every 10 million people in China were up to 20 people committed suicide. Click the average level of Foxconn in Shenzhen employs 400,000 a year should have 80 people committed suicide. Conclusion is that suicide is a Foxconn employee “normal”, there is no news of. If there is news that it was suicide, “too little” of the.

However, this reasoning is very boring. The so-called “5-step jump 8” figures, but news reports, not from police or demographic sector, how can such a figure to do so according to a major argument? Foxconn

No one said the company was the most sweat. It is the wage level compared with many sweatshops, considered high. Every day thousands of people waiting for the opportunity to enter the plant. Into the future, they are “voluntary overtime.” Their overtime for more than the limits of national law, as well as foreign affiliates Foxconn somewhat embarrassed, which expressed “concern”, but signed with the factory workers “consent” law can not allow workers ” hard working. ” Foxconn

I thought the attitude towards the media, in this brief look at its old debts. 4 years ago, media reported Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, “prevailing overtime,” with a “fine machine you stand for 12 hours” in the title. Related to the two journalists and the news media quickly received a Chinese news reporter in the history of Claimant The highest subject of the prosecution, namely, 30 million, 2000 Million and 10 million yuan. The court to act quickly to shut down their Car , Real estate and deposits. Although Foxconn active withdrawal of cases settled, but it also illustrates the Foxconn-style “personality” and its legal environment for expanding the “favorable.” Foxconn

view is so “seriously” the news media and observers, better not to “jump 5 months 8 with” news figures as a serious reference. However, a factory worker’s life, not its own core secrets, but everyone has the right to know and study of social problems. Foxconn, a competitor, with factories in mainland China, a Taiwan-funded enterprises has pointed out that the number of suicides Foxconn, far beyond the current media figures. And to the public these “secret”, not just the obligation Foxconn is the responsibility of local governments and legal authorities, people have reason to expect.

In fact, the so-called “quasi-military management” and their “machines Fitting Like survival, “Foxconn has revealed a” core value. “On this premise, it will be how high suicide rate, should all be” normal “. Now we discuss the” Foxconn suicide, “heart it is helpless. I imagine 50 years later, our children read about in textbooks, in the early 21st century, some of the image as the industry benchmark of the giant-type companies is how to earn residual value, the children will have what feelings.