Frame Your Face With The Right Pair Of Glasses

One size fits all? Certainly not when it comes to eyeglasses and sunglasses. A well designed frame can enhance your look, provide hours of comfortable wear, and boost your confidence levels.

When selecting your perfect pair or pairs, knowing what suits you is important. The shape of your face and tone of your skin will determine your choice.

To begin with, take a good look at your face in the mirror. If you have long hair, tying it back will help identify the shape of your face. The following are some frame shapes best suited to corresponding face shapes:

Oval Shaped Face: This is one of the easiest shapes to dress up with a pair of glasses, as most shapes will suit it. An oval shaped face is usually equally proportionate when it comes to cheek bones and jaw lines. Look for eyeglasses that enhance the width of the face and avoid narrow frames that take away from it.

Oblong Shaped Face: An oblong face is longer than it is wide and can often have less defined cheek angles. To balance this out, select frames that have more depth than width. A frame with a low bridge can help minimize the appearance of a long nose. Frames with round edges and high temple also compliment this face shape.

Square Shaped Face: A square shaped face has a broad forehead and wide cheekbones and a strong square jaw line. The look can be softened by oval or butterfly shaped frames, or even in certain instances, round frames. Anything that softens the look works well, but avoid angular and square frames. Large, round shapes as in those found in Aviator shades can also create a balanced look, and draw attention away from the jaw line. Avoid very small framed glasses which can conversely draw attention to the rest of the face.

Triangle Shaped Face: With regards to triangle, there are two types base down in which your face has a narrow forehead and wider at the chin area, and base up in which the upper area of your face is wider and the jaw, narrower. For the former, cat eye shapes work well in balancing the forehead with the stronger jaw line. You can achieve the same results by using bold colors or detailed or accented frames. In the latter instance, the key is to invest in bold, strong and wide frames which draw attention away from a narrow jaw line and add depth to the face. Frameless glasses or semi-frameless will also work well as will light colored frames.

Round Shaped Face: Round frames cannot compliment a round shaped face and must be avoided. Instead, try narrow frames to lengthen the face, including rectangular shapes. A clear bridge will create the appearance of length. You can also try more angular styles, and even square frames.

Diamond Shaped Face: This is a shape which is narrow at the eye-line and jaw line, with broader cheekbones. To soften the cheekbones, rimless frames in oval or cat eye shapes work best.

Besides the shape of your face, the color of your skin also determines the color of the frame you should select. All people fall into two categories: warm or yellow based coloring and cool or blue based coloring. The color of your frames should compliment the color or tone of your skin. Some examples of warm color frames would be earth colors like browns, caramels, khakis, reds and oranges. Examples of cool color frames would be grays, pinks, blues and blacks.

Additionally the color of your eyes and hair will also have an impact on how the frame looks on you.

It is important to take the time in making the right selection. Use the above guide to determine your face shape and your skin tone, and make your final choice based on them.