Free Guitar Lessons For Beginners – A Cool Little Riff That Sounds Great In Any Rock/Blues Solo

Dear friend and fellow guitarist,

Here’s another FREE guitar lesson from your friend Mike Jones from

This article is will explain to you a cool little riff that sounds great in any rock/blues solo.

Let’s start off with the blues scale in A minor. We will create a killer pull off riff using the same finger technique on each string by adding in a couple of notes at the 7th fret on the 1st and second string.

So here we go.

Now play the 8th fret on the 1st string with your 4th finger then pull off to the 7th fret which is held down with your 3rd finger and pull off again to the 5th fret (1st finger). Repeat this on strings 1,2 and 3 and then play your final note on the 7th fret on the 4th string.

This riff is a great little guitar riff.

Please take note that unlike these tips and tricks which are in no chronological order, my full audio, video program on DVD is structured on such a way as to bring the beginner through to killer guitar player in the shortest possible time.

I hope you have a great week and only stop playing when your fingers bleed!!! Only Joking…

Before I sign off I would just like to give you another FREE mini guitar lesson…

I would like to show you a cool pentatonic trick that will make you sound like a pro in any solo. All you need to do is learn the pentatonic scale on one string and pull each note off to the open string.

So let’s take the 1st string (top E) and the minor pentatonic scale. So starting with the open E then 3rd fret (G), 5th fret (A), 7th fret (B), 10th fret (D), 12th fret (E).

Play the open E, then play the G and pull off to the open string. Then play the A at the 5th fret and pull off to the open string.

Simply continue this excercise up the string following the scale to produce a killer riff when all put together…

You may find these instructions a little difficult to understand. That’s because they are picked at random and do not follow a chronological order. However in my brand new audio, video DVD course to be released shortly I will show you step by step in a clear chronological order unique speed learning techniques that will have you progressing at lightning speed.

That’s your lot for this article. Next time I will have some more FREE guitar lessons for you that I hope you will enjoy.


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