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11 19, Changsha Evening News “free installation cleaner? Lie, “the article reflects, lawless banner of” free “cover, knocking on the door of some of the elderly, without authorization to install the tap in the kitchen,” purification “and juggle money making, succeeded after the bugger. After the article appeared, many people on the excessive public hotline to the newspaper letters, phone calls, reflecting the deceived through.

Liar called “referrals leadership”

Man Wan Street, who lived in the quarters of Posts and Telecommunications old retired cadres Zhou Jingming letter said that after his deception and articles of gold or less the same grandmother, the difference is to his family is a man and a woman, age is 20 years old . Li Jinyuan men claiming to be called red, the front work for the 0128 grade; woman claiming to be surnamed Hao, engineering grade is 198. Woman then left the phone number is 7782274, they are claiming to be city water environmental protection equipment, the company’s employees. Jin-hong endless publicity to this city to their assigned tasks, to take care of retired and laid-off workers. He also pretended to look very carefully, asked to see the elderly retired license, and runs down the hall called “referrals to leadership”, shouted that there was a retired cadres for a free installation of a “water purifier” … … After their installation, but also require the purchase of the movement, that movement would have to be 490 yuan per box, for 290 yuan per box price calculations. After the other party said the old movement, can go to the Wangfujing Department Store, second floor, a price 185 yuan will enchant the old new. Weeks old were asked to produce identity card bearer and the development of votes, the other says no band, after the invoice receipt with the enchant, if not believe, can be purchased online at their work number, but also left them to write the URL.

See the two men opened a receipt out on the floor, week old daughter will soon have to search the Internet, the result simply of finding out; then upstairs to look for people who disappeared earlier trace. Later, Zhou went to Wangfujing Department Store, second floor of the old asked, no TM to things.
Home sweet mouth sister cheated 390

12 2, who lived in the provincial education department Vertical Division of Labor Building to reflect the two retired elderly, Oct. 17, they also suffered the same experience of being cheated, there are two 20-year-old younger sister mouth sweet, home to install “water purifier.” Old people do not have any sense of preparedness, muddle away 390 yuan on the deceived. At that time, leaving the two sister companies address is 198 Broad way, phone is 7782274.

Liar cheat in the week when the old home, had left the “Shanghai Ocean Spring Co., Ltd.” production of “Ocean Spring,” Little Wizard Manual efficient water purifier. In recent days, reporters repeatedly calling the instructions on the telephone number 021-58038944, and call the liars leave the telephone number 7782274, the results can not be connected. Some readers report that thanks to this newspaper in a timely manner, otherwise I do not know how many people fooled.

Reporter found, were the subject of cheating crooks choose from, retirees, they have a certain economic strength, hope the health and longevity. When the name of swindlers, “the government interest of health for the elderly” signs lobbying, the elderly tend to relax vigilance, there is no preparedness heart.
“Water purifier” there is no water effect

This, Changsha Investment Management Limited is responsible for the water industry, who reiterated that: The company did not send anyone home selling “water purifier” or “purification”; from January 20, 2005, the original Changsha City Water Company as a whole water sector restructuring in Changsha Investment Management Limited, the company has established three water quality monitoring system to ensure that the water quality delivered to customers homes is 100% qualified to remind people to refrain from gullible liars lie. In fact, the cheater door selling water purification effect of these devices do not just upload a layer in the device filter, and some also add a chemical reagent, from the “water filter” in the outflow of water with the naked eye looks clear, in fact cheat cheated, the victim being duped.

Newspaper reports have aroused the attention of public security departments. Once the people experiencing a similar door selling “water filter” of the case, please hold liar, immediately report to public security organs.

“Free installation cleaner? Lie, “the follow-up

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