Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Luggage

Sending your luggage along unattended may sound scary if you have not considered shipping luggage before. You may have a wealth of unanswered questions about how luggage should be contained, where it must be picked up, how it will be watched, what it will cost and more. The good news is that these frequently asked questions about shipping luggage come to the minds of people who have heard of this smart service and are interested in using it. What is more, even those who have shipped luggage in the past may still have questions on what benefits can be ascertained by shipping one’s luggage to the destination rather than carrying it on. Here are some frequently asked questions and important answers you need to know to make the choice to ship luggage in the future.

Q. What is the advantage to shipping versus carrying on?
A. There are many advantages to shipping luggage ranging from freedom to board transportation without having to process luggage to the guarantee that luggage will arrive on time and without damage.

Q. I travel often, is shipping luggage an option for me?
A. It does not matter if you are a frequently flyer or occasional passenger, shipping luggage is available on a regular basis to more than 300 countries and territories around the world. Anyone from student to retiree can take advantage of traveling without toting heavy luggage along.

Q. Can unattended baggage be picked up for luggage shipping?
A. Absolutely! When you choose one of the UK’s top shipper, the professionals who ship your luggage understand that people have busy schedules. Luggage can be picked up from an unattended location such as inside a door or garage as long as it is left where it is secure.

Q. Is shipping luggage expensive?
A. The choice to ship luggage rather than pay additional bag fees is very economical. Additionally, shipping luggage requires no special tagging or securely luggage beforehand. Just pack your things as you normally would and make the arrangements with shippers to take advantage of the most cost effective and practical shipping solution for your luggage.

Q. Where is my luggage kept when not in transit?
A. There are many secure locations within airports and rail stations where shipped luggage is kept if pick up is arranged. These locations are manned and have 24-hour surveillance on luggage. Luggage is kept in storage arrangements where it is safe from outside elements such as weather and secured from theft.

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