Fresh Chicken: Ultimate Love of People

Eating and cooking fresh Non-veg in India is not an easy task to do. Frozen tasteless chicken, unhygienic and dirty wet markets, stores with uncertain quality as the cold chain is doubtful and it’s not been easy for the Indian customer to get fresh, tasty, a hygienic Non-veg to forage the family with self-assurance.

Surreptitious to Great Food

In the busy lives, everyone often settles for what’s suitable. Today, most of the people do not have easy access to great quality, bona fide streets to source the products from. As a result, the priorities have shifted farther from custom, authenticity, and transparency toward convenience and compromise. What if anyone has to make authentic and pure whole meats are not even accessible. So it is easily accessible for Neat meat to deliver them right to your doorstep. At Neat meat, they believe in tradition, values and the goodness of the fresh meat.

Experience the finger licking taste, texture as well as tenderness of the farm fresh meat delivered straight from great quality farms. No more negotiations, no inconvenience, just the unique, sweet smell of juicy, all of the natural meat. Bring back the touch of custom and heritage to the food that you eat, let the taste of the mother’s recipes come to life in such dishes that you prepare. Reliable, certified, fresh, tender and also easy-to-cook – just the way in which you want it. Say goodbye to tasteless dishes and hello to the finger-licking freshness. Also, the online service is provided to order the fresh and juicy chicken.

Ranch to the Table, Freshness Guaranteed

Neat meat partners have collaborated with high-quality farms to take you the freshest meat from only the finest breeds, avoiding local mandis, traders and also butcher shops. Meats are transported hygienically through an exclusive end-to-end cold chain source that ensures reliable freshness from farm to the table without freezing up or exposing meats to any stabilizers or water. Fresh chicken online Gurgaon at Neat meat assurances same day stock delivery within about 2 hours or on approved schedule.

Richer Taste, Better Health

No antibiotics, no growing hormones, and even no preservatives. The touch, color and bruising of farm, fresh meats are different and wholesome. The truth is that the meat you acquire from local vendors and superstores is highly processed and from the animals raised under unhygienic, vicious conditions of some common feedlots and totally overburdened slaughterhouses. With Neat meat, you can be guaranteed that Fresh online chicken Gurgaon on your table comes from a quite healthy animal upraised in a hygienic as well as the humane environment on high-quality farms fortified with state of the art services.

Why Choose Neat meat?

It is tender, fresh, vigorous and halal. Neat meat chicken is totally free of antibiotics and the hormones, meaning you get abundant tasting meat with all the freshness and the richness found in nature. Fresh online chicken Gurgaon provides a full line of best fresh meat and seafood and aims to transform the way fresh meat merchandisers are procured, accomplished and consumed. Along with the fresh meat, they provide finger-licking tasty ready to eats in addition marinated meals.
Sabung Ayam