Fried Chicken: Rise of Indian food stores

Fried chicken: an exotic dish made of chicken pieces extracted from chickens which are specially bred in poultry farms for only this purpose. Made by three main methods pan frying, deep frying and pressure frying, it is a kind of dish any chicken lover would love to taste. What makes it stand out from other chicken dishes is that the chicken is cut at the joints and the bones and skin are left intact; hallmark of this dish lying in its deliciously well crisped seasoned skin, just the exact thing which MFC- Mr. Fried Chicken provides to its respectable customers.

Located in some of the major cities of India Mr. Fried Chicken is promoted by Mr. Asgar Ranrej and Mr.Sagar Bhosale. It’s first fast food restaurant was opened in Mira road, Mumbai and hence they have tasted success nationally with its outlets already in Thane, Bareilly and even in Assam. MFC gives its customers a unique sense of dining experience who come to have a hearty meal with their beloved ones and enjoy a few moments of peace away from the today’s stressful and hectic life, its top most priority being satisfaction and delight of its customers by providing a quality product.

MFC is growing rapidly the USP being that the food is as brilliant as the culture of India as they try to capture all the exoticness of our vivid country in their food. MFC is currently targeting tier-1 and tier-2 cities and in future have plans to reach out all over India where international brands are yet to make their presence get noticed.

AREA- 500-1500sq.feet Franchise units-5 and Company Outlet-5
Investment- 8-20 lakhs Expansion- Pan India

Just like MFC who soon enough will be a big player of its field, there are other domestic players trying to increase the heat in the local competition. One such player is Bangs which although was started in a kiosk of mere 80 sq. feet by an IT graduate in Chennai, now, is generating annual turnover of about 9 crores. This clearly indicates that the domestic players as well as international players are cashing upon the boom which has came in this industry.

Another good example would be Big Chick which was founded in 2003 by Mr. Arun Krishnasamy in India. Initially it was started as a home delivery service. Currently operating 11 outlets it spans across Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The growth clearly shows the opportunities of this field which is somewhere also connected to the rise in consumption of fast foods in our country.
Sabung Ayam