Fun Is Not Word For Acne

Dealing with acne problems is just part of being a teenager. Part of what helps us deal with acne as teenagers is knowing that everyone else in our age group is going through the same problems. When we grow up we try to convince ourselves that our years of breakouts are over. This is one of the reasons that finding those rogue pimples or having those sporadic breakouts can be so embarrassing. Waking up to find some spots or bumps sends us right back into our teenage angst. Adult acne is often very painful, which is another reason so many adults dread breaking out. Here are some acne fighting tips that you can use no matter how old you might be.

Are you getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that you need? For some people acne is a symptom of malnutrition. Acne can be a warning sign that you are not getting enough of some of the nutrients you really need. One of the ways that you can combat this is to take a daily multi-vitamin. Vitamins might seem like an easy fix and it is true that they won’t fix everything but they can help make up for some of the nutritional deficiencies you are experiencing. The acne comes from the excess sebum that your body produces to counteract the malnutrition: it gets into your pores, clogs them and viola! Acne breakout! So make sure that you are eating the right foods and getting enough vitamins and nutrients.

Try not to touch your face. The majority of the population doesn’t realize just how much time they spend touching their faces every day. The contact between our faces and our hands is partly to blame for our acne problems. Give yourself a minute to contemplate this. Whenever you touch something and then, later, touch your face, it is sort of like rubbing that object into your pores. It is really easy to clog your pores with the oil on your hands when your hands serve as a resting spot for your face. This is also one of the reasons colds are so easily transmitted: you touch something that has germs on it and later brush your face with your hands which gives those germs easy access to your nose, mouth and eyes–prime entry portals! Keep your hands away from your face!

Keeping your hands clean is a must if you can’t make yourself stop touching your face. To keep the breakouts to a minimum keep your hand clean by washing them often.

Take care to protect your skin against the sun’s rays. For people whose goal is to keep their pores free of clogs, spreading on thick sunscreen probably seems counterintuitive. Today there are plenty of oil free sunscreens available.

You don’t have to worry about heavy and gross sunscreen sheen anymore. Sunscreens are now lighter and many of them can be sprayed on instead of smoothed on. Even better, many facial moisturizers and cosmetic products already contain sunscreen so you don’t have to worry about purchasing more products. Don’t believe it when you hear people say that tanning prevents acne–it only increases your risk for skin cancer! Keeping your hands to yourself and making sure to keep your face clean are two of the most basic and most reliable ways to cure an acne breakout. Other breakouts will require you to use something a little bit more powerful than a basic cleanser. No matter what your age might be, there is a product on the market that will help you cure your breakouts.