Functionalities Of A Netbook In Comparison With A Laptop

‘Compact’ and ‘sleek’ are the terms that identify the latest gadgets; laptop and netbooks are no exception. As such it is not a surprise that handheld computers, smart phones and personal digital assistants are becoming a favored choice as compared to a personal computer and a laptop. One such device that is fast up-and-coming as an unusual choice over a laptop is the netbook. The difference between a netbook and a laptop is often awfully vague to define since a netbook is also referred to as mini laptop and essentially is a compact version of the laptop. A laptop is basically a computer that is portable and can execute all the functionality of a PC with equal efficiency. However, even though a netbook provides all the basic functionality of a laptop, it does not support some other important features and has limited use because of being restricted by processing power and storage space.

Netbooks have less speedy processors and not an adequate amount of RAM – not to mention scaled down graphics cards and small hard drives. Standard netbooks range between a single core 1.3Ghz to 1.66Ghz processors and 1GB of RAM. Netbooks typically come installed with Microsoft Windows XP Home or Windows 7 starter. Some are built-in with Ubuntu Linux to shear a few bucks off the bottom line. However, netbooks are not as influential as laptops and cannot shore up bigger and complex programs. They also have no preference for using CDs or DVDs as they are not provided with any optical disc drive. Nevertheless, the connectivity of a netbook is analogous with that of a best laptop and internet downloads can also be completed at a faster speed. So while a netbook or a mini laptop for all intents and purposes, retains all the basic functionality of laptop, it is fairly much smaller, lighter, cheaper and simpler. The mini laptop is very affordable when compared to the traditional laptop. On the whole, there are countless factors that should be well thought-out before deciding on the best netbook or the best laptop. Eventually, it all boils down to your own individual preferences and what you plan on using it for.

So what’s the verdict? If you are going to be doing some major game playing or use a lot of applications at the same time, a laptop would possibly be in your best interest. The best laptop normally has added hard drive space and additional RAM than their netbook counterparts. This makes them much more valuable if you plan on using the unit for intense gaming or computer programming. Conversely, if you travel a lot and require something small and light and don’t need it for anything but internet access and email, then the netbook is just the right thing for you. Netbooks these days come in a range of designs and colors to be more eye-catching to those fashion-savvy buyers. And yes they are a huge hit!