Gaining a Lease Extension or Leasehold Enfranchisement

UK leaseholders have the correct under the law to purchase the freehold interest to their property, or achieve an extension on the term of their lease, even so they need to be eligible to do so.

The two options are referred to as lease extension and leasehold enfranchisement. Even though these rights are enshrined in law they do involve negotiation with the freeholder and it is advisable that the process is undertaken by specialists in the legal profession such as lease extension solicitors.

The householders’ appropriate to acquire the freehold of their properties is spelt out in the Leaseholders Reform Act 1967. For flat owners the situation is somewhat distinct. Beneath the Leaseholder Reform, Housing Improvement Act 1993 and the amendments contained in the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 majority of the qualifying tenants must be in favour of the leasehold enfranchisement bid. So this will mean the neighbours within the block having to co-operate with a single another. Qualifying tenants are these with leases of 21 years or much more or these with shared lease ownership of one hundred per cent.

An choice which is also favoured by flat owners is lease extension in which the existing lease is extended to 90 years. In order to qualify for an extension the leaseholder demands to have owned – not necessarily lived in the flat – for at least two years.

Both leasehold extension and leasehold enfranchisement offer several benefits. Leasehold enfranchisement offers residents far far more manage over their properties. These gaining the freehold of their flats will no longer have to pay service charges. They will also have management handle of the block and be capable to make decisions which greatest suit the residents rather than the earlier freeholder.

For those deciding to go for a lease extension the new longer lease will boost the worth of their flats.

Even though there are variations in between extending the lease and leasehold enfranchisement there are certain things in widespread. Both are of advantage to the leaseholder. They also consist of potentially challenging negotiations with the freeholder and a valuation of the property in question. This is where the participation of people such as lease extension solicitors can be so essential.

The negotiations can be time consuming especially if there are contentious problems amongst the leaseholders and freeholders. A specialist lease extension or enfranchisement solicitor can support bridge the variations, making certain completion is accomplished in as short a time as feasible.

The solicitor will also be in a position to aid the leaseholders by arranging a valuation, which could effectively speed up the process.
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