Gansu Chemical Society, Held At The Sixteenth Congress Of Lanzhou – Chemical Industry

HC Chemical Network News, 20 December, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics in the national flag flying, eye-catching slogan. From Gansu Province, the chemical workers in various industries two hundred people gathered to participate in Gansu Province, the Sixteenth Congress of Chemical Society, and Academic exchange.

Gansu Province, held here at the same time the chemical will be the 26th Annual Meeting, the eighth high school chemistry in Gansu province to exchange experiences and seek common development in Gansu chemistry of new ideas, new directions and new initiatives. Gansu Province Vice-Chairman of CAST to Fu Jin, vice chairman of Gansu Science Association, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences Xue Qun-Ji Yongqiang Tu, Gansu Province, the fifteenth president of Chemical Society, Chinese Academy of Sciences Lanzhou, Liu Weimin, director of materials researchers, attended this meeting.

During the meeting, Liu Weimin researcher of Gansu Province on behalf of the fifteenth session of the Council of the chemical will be delivered a work report, the General Assembly considered and adopted the fifth report on the work the Council will revise the report chapter, elections and financial reports. Elected the sixteenth Gansu Province and the Council of the lead agency of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou University, Yongqiang Tu, Professor of Chemistry, Gansu Province will be elected as the sixteenth Chairman of the Council, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou compounds researcher was hired by the Secretary of Zhou Feng long.

Newly elected Gansu Chemical Society sixteenth Chairman of the Board, Professor Tu Yongqiang, chemical workers in the future will lead the province overall work closely around the whole party, capable personnel, prominent characteristics Institute, vigorously promote popular science work and encourage academic exchanges, actively participate in innovation system, in the promotion of Gansu Economy Society, the development of chemical industry to make greater contribution.

This meeting invited seven scholars have done not only forward-looking, creative and have the basic science and for promoting secondary Education Academic reports, the province also received research institutes, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, basic education, secondary research results and teaching research papers more than 150 articles, Gansu Province, shows the latest achievements of chemical workers, theory, method , and experience. Such exchanges to enhance scientific research and teaching of chemistry in Gansu Province to promote national science standards and the rapid development of the cause of great significance.

Gansu Province, Institute of Chemistry is a science, founded in 1943 and now has 66 years of history, the current 740 members, most of them in senior positions in research, engineering and technical personnel and institutions of higher learning, secondary schools teachers. 2006 by the National Ministry of Personnel, China Association awarded the “China Association for Science and Advanced Group” title in 2006 and 2008 have been CAST in Gansu Province was awarded “Advanced Unit of Science Association of Gansu Province” and the “Gansu Science Association Outstanding advanced group of academic activities “title.

Years, Gansu Province, the chemical will be closely united and led the province of chemical personnel of various industries, in accordance with the purposes of the Society and social needs of a wide range of activities carried out, focus on four aspects do play a social services and do to the social responsibility of scientists to promote, “promotion of science education” made a positive contribution. First, academic exchanges, promote academic prosperity. Four years, a total of Chemistry, Gansu Province, held 6 th International Conference, 13 national conferences, 40 meetings and 200 provincial-level academic field of research papers, seminars and scientific propaganda. Second, grasp the opportunity to play to its advantages in promoting scientific and democratic decision to play a role. Four years, Gansu province will focus on social development of the chemical. Economic development and technological advancement of the major issues of integration, diversity, advanced academic activities, organization of scientific discussion, decision-making advice and policy recommendations. Third, focus on academic exchanges, to explore and develop talent. Gansu Chemical Society in carrying out academic activities, attaches great importance to the training of young scientists and provide them with opportunities to show themselves and the moving platform, there were many young and promising scientists. Liu Weimin researchers access to the Eighth China Youth Science and Technology Award and the first Gansu Youth Science and Technology Award, and as the Shenzhou VII extravehicular experiment commander of solid lubricating materials, access to National Labor Medal; Tu Yongqiang professors have received the first of our province and the Northwest Territories Chinese Chemical Society Young Chemist Award, and was employed as the Ministry of Education Changjiang Scholars, Distinguished Professor Award by the Hong Kong seeking funds in 2009, was elected CAS academicians; China Youth Science and Technology Prize winner Professor Gao Xionghou catalyst for the development of new products, achieve Sell Income of 3.0 billion, 56 sets of equipment at home and abroad to promote the use, and create economic benefits over 60 million, to resolve the country Gasoline Upgrading the quality of made due contributions to science and technology in Gansu Province in 2007 was meritorious award, the 2008 Technology Innovation Award by Ho Leung Ho Lee. SABUNG AYAM