Gemstone is an amazing gift for your special one

History of gemstones

According to mythology story, God Indra had conquered Bali, the unique demon on Earth and hence Gemstones were formed from his body parts. The story goes as follows – God Indra had taken the form of Brahmin so that demon king Bali would become an animal to complete the yagna. Yagna is a prayer to all Gods in Hinduism so that powers are accomplished after the prayers. King Bali knew that he is immortal and God Indra also was aware about the fact. So Lord Indra cleverly shoot him at his head and all the body parts of Bali shattered through which gemstones were formed. Such as Bali teeth became pearls, blood got transformed into rubies, the bile of liver became Emerald, Blue sapphire was formed from eyeball etc.

Astrology and gemstones

Astrology is all about nine planets and their effects on human beings. Every person has a birth time and place through which a birth chart is created based on the position of planets during the birth time. Planets play an important role in moulding our life. Some have very good effects while some can prove worst as well. Astrologists are meant to study the details of position of planets in the planetary system which are lunar and solar systems. The planetary positions decide the nature and behavior of that person. As discussed above planets always do not have a positive effect on a person. Sometimes they can have a negative effect as well and we are lucky to have gemstones as a remedy. Gemstones can be the best solution for the person whose planets cause a negative influence.

An astrologer usually suggests some planetary gemstone to be worn for a particular time period so that we are saved from the negative powers of the planets. In today’s modern world every person is very busy with their career and business. So they are not able to give enough time for prayers or pujas. In this case, taking the help of planetary gemstones is more useful. Major gemstones are directly related to nine planets as follows – Ruby is ruled by Sun, Pearl by moon, Coral by Mars, Emerald by Mercury, Blue Sapphire by Saturn, Yellow Sapphire by Jupiter, Diamond by Venus. Hessonite and Cat’s Eye are ruled by Rahu and Ketu respectively.

Gemstones should be worn after a detail analysis from a good astrologer. You can have all the positive effects from the planetary gemstone if worn with proper care and time period. Each gemstone has a particular time period and a day to be worn. For more details on how to wear a particular gemstone.
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