Generous Wine Sales Booming Zhijiang Hand Vivian – Vivian Shares, Zhijiang Wine – Food Industry

Zhijiang Daqu hand Vivian shares, this is the recent China Spirit A news industry’s most compelling. Zhijiang Wine Production in the circumstances, Sell Market reaction, how? October 16, the author Zhijiang Wine Industry production plant and distribution network market after the visit surprised to find, In October, a large concern of this liquor manufacturers, liquor license brewing, tickets remained open, Ju Zhao pull, employees motivated, intense but orderly work, production in full swing, Like all the past.

Not imagined talking about, nor imagined uneasy. About Zhijiang Distillery District, is still so busy and hot scene. Business in the room filled with computers, a dozen billing staff is still busy despite the business skill. They said that from morning to night, there have been large trucks from around the country waiting for loading at the factory gate. I interviewed the truck driver who came from Henan, and asked him if he knew wine and Vivian restructuring Zhijiang Cooperation Things, the teacher says with typical Henan saying: “Vivian I know, Zhijiang also in, no matter ye change, Zhijiang wine will not change, ‘Zhijiang’ brand, it is a kind of confidence on the beautiful will our , a force. “

Factory store in Malaysia two brewing in the workshop, hundreds of workers are in high spirits as the previous level of busy. Suck in the wine, the workers said: “Whoever shares accounted for more than one reason we believe, must take Zhijiang ready to drink, to protect the brand.” Plain language, points to the voices of front-line workers. Eguchi brewing plant manager, told the three workshops the author, into the season since the workshop staff for a long time without rest.

Zhijiang Daqu I also visited the dealer and store in Yichang, see Zhijiang Daqu sales market sentiment even more vigorously. Yichang International Trade supermarket wine at the counter before Zhijiang to buy alcohol, and people still flock consultation. Zhijiang wine promoters Miss Zheng said: “We have been selling liquor Zhijiang very hot, there has been no news of.” Dongshan big market in Yichang Kim, the author met to set wedding wine of Mr. Chen, he said, marriage is a major event in life, who want to run bustling wedding, compare a few brand liquor, eventually Zhijiang Daqu feel like it, so early booking special machine.

The interview, I randomly and Zhijiang wine many different positions on the staff of the conversation. They unanimously said: “We understand the company’s decision-making, which is the industry development. Weiwei shares as a public company, is five hundred enterprises, the introduction of foreign capital restructuring is inherent meaning. Strong combination, Zhijiang wine will certainly inject new vitality, Zhijiang wine would definitely do something bigger and more powerful. “

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