Genital Herpes and Pregnancy – What You Need to Know

It would be interesting, and probably shocking, to know how many people suspect they have something physically wrong with them but refuse to seek medical advice because of fear. Disease is one of the things in life where what you don’t know can definitely hurt you. There is good news, however, where genital herpes and pregnancy is concerned. Women often wonder, with the wide prevalence of genital herpes and symptoms, if pregnancy is advisable or even possible, and if there are possible complications for the baby.

There are always risks with pregnancy whether the mother has other extenuating circumstances or not. Pregnancy is a serious condition and requires great care and especially observation by a qualified physician. Genital herpes and pregnancy do not need to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. Although a mother may have an active case of genital herpes, the chances of the virus being spread to the child is about eight in one hundred thousand. That means that the chances of the virus being spread to the child is very small, but that does not mean the risk does not exist. If the virus is spread to the child it can be a dangerous situation. But again, the odds of problems taking place are small.

Another thing to remember is that even though the father or mother or both may have the genital herpes virus, it is possible that the baby will be unaffected by it. Receiving care by a trusted physician during pregnancy is very important. Also, it would be important to consider informing your pregnancy care physician about your infection with the virus.

If you do have an outbreak of the virus during pregnancy, all the precautions should be taken you would use normally at any other time. You must, however, consult with your physician with regard to medications to be sure there is no risk factor for the pregnancy. As at other times, there should be no sexual contact during an outbreak of symptoms while you are pregnant. Pay attention to your body during your pregnancy, and be mindful of your physical needs at all times.

Genital herpes and pregnancy does not have to be a problem. The virus is still present, outbreaks are still possible, but virtually normal life is possible as well. A completely healthy pregnancy and childbirth, and a totally normal infant is not only possible but probable. Don’t fear becoming pregnant even though you’re dealing with HSV.