German Companies Check The Truth Of China’s Fruit Juice Survey: Event Existent

“China has been blocking juice in Germany,” the report was causing widespread concern, but the “International Herald Tribune” reporter in Germany, in-depth investigation, the result took the news deeply troubling
May 22, one on “China’s juice joint check German companies face” seen in the domestic media coverage, reported the Chinese fruit juice sold in Germany due to dissatisfaction, which were three well-known beverage company in Germany joint check, which will be jointly release “do not drink fruit juice in China,” the ad.
Reported that upon release, immediately drew an angry voice of the people at the trade protection, the focus of the discussion once again. At the same time, “International Herald Tribune,” a local journalist in Germany has launched an investigation and found a very different outcome: the truth of the incident report and have great access?? Does not exist “do not drink fruit juice in China,” the ads, not there is “joint check” Chinese fruit juice, fruit juice sold in China do not even exist in Germany.
“Joint check” non-existent
According to national news media reports, three well-known beverage company in Germany Yin Mauer, Stringer, a coalition of the Rose Garden “Advertising Community” check China’s beverage, publicly said it will co-publish “do not drink fruit juice in China,” the theme of advertising. Our reporters in the German Agricultural Society Association and the confirmation juice when they were told, “knew nothing.” Subsequent in-depth survey results Gengrang’s deeply troubling.
First of all, the three beverage company is far from “well known”, precisely should be small “township enterprises”, which Pianju German Southwest border Cao Lun? Abbe (Zollenrn-Alb, hereinafter referred to as Cao A) Mountain, the total number of three employees But 100 people. Of which only a manufacturer of fruit juice Stringer, the staff, but 11 persons. In addition, Yin Mauer producing mineral water, the only remaining Rose Garden, a local brewery, its markets are limited in the region. Only in respect strength, they are very difficult to plan joint advertising and “off” China juice.
In fact, the joint advertising even though true, but the main “target” to local consumers.
May 19, three modest financial resources of small businesses set up “advertising community,” Cao A area for people to start “localization” of the public marketing campaigns. At the event, they note three companies with emphasis of local fruits and raw materials, employ local workers for local job creation, the “Local Complex” to persuade people to buy the region production of beverages in this region. In the speech, they are not directed against China juice.
“Countered that” from the local tabloid
“International Herald Tribune” reporter in the survey also found that the three “township enterprises” localized marketing, mainly for the Cao A regional, rather than the whole of Germany.
Cao A population of less than 20 million, less than 01,000 square kilometers in area, population 82 million, an area of 357,000 square kilometers compared to the whole of Germany, Cao A clear some small areas. The major domestic Chinese reports cited the German “Southwest Daily News” article, strictly speaking, not from the report, “Southwest Daily” (its own is not the German mainstream media), but the regional newspaper subsidiary of Southwest Newspapers “Cao London? Abbe Courier “, released only in the CAO A area, three companies of the ads run only in the CAO A area.
Reported that three companies in 19 activities, “Cao A Mercury News” reporter used the term “advertising counterattack cheap mineral water and fruit juice in China,” the title of this, however, were the original newspaper, the reporter found that the intention and the title of the article is far from . For example, the original report referred to “Chinese juice” is not the three companies, but the background appears in the press introduction, these enterprises are not “publicly that” China is the enemy of juice. In addition, the Chinese report on German companies to “get rid” of Chinese fruit juice, asked the Chinese people do not drink beverages, combined with other beverage companies, etc, are not mentioned in the original.
“China Juice” sold in Germany is far from
Reporter in the survey, “China juice sold in Germany,” the statement is also not true, because the Chinese juice market in Germany is basically still in a “latent” state. The reason is that China’s exports to Germany, only “juice concentrate”, in Germany this as raw materials for beverage companies with dollar after the German brands.
Germany is the world’s largest fruit juice market, but local production of small fruit, juice concentrate large beverage companies mainly relied on imports of raw materials, while China exports to Germany are also year by year. Vendors and large companies in the dual pressures of a small juice factory is losing living space, in order to survive to be caught in search for new strategies. In this context, Cao A region juice business Stringer has become one of the typical representative. Stringer and other slogans such as “drink Zan Cao A’s own juice” slogan, is to rely on the local market to survive.
In fact, even though Germany is very dependent on imports of juice, but its all-brand fruit juice market is a “domestic products.” KPMG Germany, Wang Wei, senior manager, said in the interview, in fact, in the German market is very difficult to see France, Italy, produced in the drinks, Japan for years now and only in the German market, a yogurt brand. Therefore, “China’s fruit juice” is far from popular in Germany.
International Herald Tribune’s brother from the bottom of the Frankfurt public Huan SABUNG AYAM