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: The Consul General of France in Chengdu, Thai Consul General in Chengdu, visited
After March 3, Germany Consul General Consulate General in Chengdu, Mr. Meng Duofu his party visited Changhong, visit Changhong new plasma display production line, field visits to understand the strength of Changhong’s innovation. During the inspection, Changhong independent innovation capability and future development of a strong power that Mengduo Fu amazed, and said it expected strong Changhong strong Chinese companies to further expand in the German Development and Cooperation.

Mengduo Fu consul general, said the market also can be seen everywhere Changhong variety of products, has been very much like to come and see this full sense of the Chinese science and technology enterprise.

German Consul-General Mengduo Fu and his wife (
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Hong Changhong Europe in the company’s new plasma display production line, Meng Duofu closer look with a magnifying glass, not live praise: “Oh, Oh, Oh, can not think of Chinese manufacturing enterprises has reached such high levels.” Meng Dov and his wife went to
Lighting inspection machine, watching the technicians to quickly touch-screen monitor operations, not help leaned closer look at inquiry.
When Mr. Meng Duofu
informed, Changhong new plasma display production line in China with independent intellectual property rights of the first 42-inch or more
Flat Panel TV
Production line, technology has been at the international leading level, and now has achieved full production, can produce 42 to 85 inches of HD and Full HD plasma display, but also the only company with a plasma screen,
Liquid crystal screen
And module, O
And many core display technologies business, Mengduo Fu said, Changhong is not only the rapid development of the future development will be more powerful.

Mr. Meng Duofu Changhong also learn more about the business philosophy, technical capabilities and international strategic thinking, when that Changhong more than 80 countries around the world have more than 9 million subscribers, and the foundation has a number of leading software and Universal chip technologies project, lamented in the West China City, Changhong powerful technology and strength, and sincerely hope to further deepen and Changhong German business cooperation, to expand the development in Germany.

Mengduo Fu said that the German market is huge, now import and export trade between China and Germany have reached 100 billion euros. Convenient transportation between cities in Germany, hopes that, through Changhong, see more Chinese enterprises in Germany, and strengthen business cooperation and further development of the local economy in Germany, hoping to further increase Changhong develop and market in Germany.

In international expansion, the current Changhong has established three overseas brand base, formed by the Czech Republic as the center of Europe, the Australian market as the center of Oceania, Indonesia, centered in the South Asian market. This year, Russia and the Middle East in the UAE will also build two brand new base for further international expansion of the brand.

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