Get Interactive With Satellite Tv

Satellite TV offers over 130 channels so there is always something for everyone to watch. Included in these channels is interactive programming, which will bring your TV watching experience to a whole new level that you never thought possible.

With over 130 channels, including local channels, movies, education, music, and sports, satellite TV does not disappoint with their programming options. You can always find something that will match your interests and be appropriate for whatever age group is watching TV with you. Interactive programming adds even more to your viewing options, especially for the technologically advanced viewers. Change the way you watch TV with these unique interactive channels, which are also available in HD, providing a crystal clear image.

The Weather Channel: The Weather Channel provides constant weather updates throughout the day to keep you in the loop. 6 times an hour, on each 8 (:08, :18, :28, etc), view the detailed forecasts for today and for the rest of the week. In between the 8’s, find the current conditions for your local area, plus alerts and radar maps. During a severe storm or alert, an Alert Ticker will scroll on the bottom of your screen providing you with more detailed information. It will allow you to click on Local on Demand, bringing you to information specific to your area.

News Mix: News Mix will keep you updated with all the top news network’s stories. See live feed from the 8 top news networks, such as CNN and FOX, at the same time. Use your remote to get more involved with this channel. Using the arrows, highlighting, and selecting options, focus on any one network by bringing it up to your full screen.

Customer Support: Customer Support is your easily accessible help network, without having to sign online or pick up the phone to call your provider. Simply switch to the Customer Support channel to find out service information, programming information, equipment, frequently asked questions, and tips and advice on maximizing your service and packages. Save time by accessing this right from your couch with your remote control.

Sports Mix: Like the News Mix, this channel provides news feed from the 8 top networks all on one screen. See games, scores, statistics, and news from around the world on one screen. Also, like the News Mix channel, easily bring any of the networks to full screen just by using your remote control.

Golf and Tennis Mix: A more specific version of the above channel by focusing only on golf and tennis. Enjoy multiple games and matches on one screen, bonus coverage, live scores, and information on your favorite players.

Interactive programming will change the way you watch TV forever. Information you were once only able to access on your computer, you can now access easily from your couch with your remote control. No programming has ever offered this much information, convenience, and accessibility to you before. Add interactive programming to your TV and you, your family, and friends will not regret it.