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Giant iceberg splits from Antarctic – BBC News

One of the most significant icebergs ever recorded has just broken away from Antarctica.
The giant block is estimated to cover an region of roughly six,000 sq km that’s about a quarter the size of Wales.
An US satellite observed the berg on Wednesday whilst passing more than a region recognized as the Larsen C Ice Shelf.
Scientists have been expecting it. They’d been following the development of a massive crack in Larsen’s ice for much more than a decade.
The rift’s propagation had accelerated given that 2014, creating an imminent calving ever a lot more most likely.
The much more than 200m-thick tabular berg will not move extremely far, very quickly in the brief term. But it will need to be monitored. Currents and winds may at some point push it north of the Antarctic exactly where it could turn out to be a hazard to shipping.

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