Get relief from terrifc skin problem with dermalogica

I was having terrific skin problems before six months due to some allergies and my growing age. But after using Dermalogica, I just fell in love with my glowing skin again! And that thing inspired me to write article about Dermalogica for helping my other friends to have fantastic skin health back.

Here is my skin status before I have used Dermalogica. I was having lots of acne spots and blackheads around my nose. It was hard for me to leave home without coating my skin with foundation. I was also having oily and totally imbalanced skin on my fore head and chick. In short, I have to use all artificial skin makeup products whenever I wanted to go out and look beautiful with healthy skin.

Okay, let’s first start with Dermalogica! Dermalogica is an American company based in Los Angeles, founded in 1986. The owner of Dermalogica has also founded International Dermal Institute, which is currently also main research source of Dermalogica products.

Dermalogica is first choice of skin care specialist because of their more than 25 years’ successful skin health improvement results. You can say when Dermalogica meets your skin; your skin’s health just redefines. Dermalogica skin care has vast range of products for each type of skin and their requirements.

Dermalogica uses only finest ingredients; contain no mineral oil, no alcohol or formaldehyde and no artificial colours or fragrance. They also insure that all ingredients are from eco-safe sources and packed in recyclable packing.

There are many registered salon all around UK who are providing Dermalogica product services. Most of the professional skin care specialist also suggests and provides Dermalogica products. At some salons they only use the Dermalogica products during your skin treatments like facials. At first time to make sure, I have tried facial with Dermalogica product before my purchase. And believe me that was awesome experience for me and my skin. I also felt improvement for spots and blackheads on my face.

The whole beauty treatment with Dermalogica includes process like a through cleanse, face steaming, pores loosing product application on my face and blackhead removing process. After this process I was provided very relaxing back and face message. At last, after relaxing me they had applied some Dermalogica products required to remove my acne spots with face mask. In between the process of drying that mask, that beautician had written some good Dermalogica products especially for my skin.

Oh, whole this experience was really good for me. My skin is just glowing and clean after only one facial. I have purchased all other Dermalogica products suggested by beautician to feel the experience of having great skin again. I am specially using some products regularly for my skin improvement as Special Cleaning Gel to apply in morning and night, Active Moist to apply twice a day, Special Clearing Booster to apply to a breakout at every 6 hours, Skin Refining Masque to apply once in a week. Oh, I can really compare my amazingly improved skin with my old pictures. And of course getting lots of compliments from my loved ones!!
Sabung Ayam

from the discovery channel video.

Sabung Ayam