Get Rid of Your Pimples Overnight, Forever

Acne can appear at the worst of times: just before your first date with a hot guy/girl; just around the corner before that wedding you’re invited to; or even worse, just before your own wedding!

This is one scary thought, but what if you knew that you can get rid of acne almost right away, and permanently too?

What most people do wrong and fail to understand is that they are using the wrong treatment for their acne. They use all sorts of over the counter products, trying this, trying that, and even if the pimples disappear for a night or two, they come back with a vengeance soon after. This is because these over the counter pills and topicals only treat the symptoms, not the cause!

So here are a few tips and tricks that you can employ to get finally rid of your pimples once and for all:

Drink plenty of water, and try to make that at least 8 glasses a day. This will allow your body to flush out the toxins right away. Usually these toxins are a major cause of acne flaring up.
Watch your food – try to avoid eating junk and fast food. Eat lots of salads, fresh fruit and vegetables, food high in fiber and try to avoid sugar and white flour.
Do not try to squeeze your pimples. By doing this, you will only allow the bacteria to spread all over your face, which in turn will flare up your acne, and you will end up with worse breakouts. Sure, pinching your face to get rid of acne is very tempting, I bed there is not one person around who hasn’t done it at least once. If you must do it, then please follow a few precautionary procedures: wash your hands with soap and use a soft tissue and squeeze just gently on the pimple. Do not try to go too deep and avoid spreading that puss all over your face. Once you removed the puss, wash your face and apply an antibiotic cream on it.
Many women like to put makeup on their face, but now you really need to be cautious as to what you actually use on your face. Try to avoid oil based products, as these will clog up your pores and bring the zits out right away. Also if you are using concealers or sunscreens, avoid those that are very oily for the same reason. Your face wash should be mild as to remove the excessive oil and dirt and yet at the same time keep your face soft and without any irritations.