Get to Know More About Window Blinds

What are Window Shades?

A window blind or shade is a window covering that is made of plastic, metal, wood, or fabric and it is used by rotating or adjusting the overlapping slats in closing and opening it. There are different types of window blinds so you can easily find one that can be suitable to a certain environment. For example, wooden blinds are best used in parts of the house that do not experience humidity because moulds can develop on them if they are constantly exposed to moisture. Plastic blinds are the better option because they are unaffected by humid conditions and they remain unaltered even by constant contact to water. Metal blinds, on the other hand, are best used for the external part of the windows because of their durability.

Types of Window Shades

There are many types and designs of window shades that are now available in the market. Due to the wide variety of these window fixtures, they are not only used for protection but also serve as decorative tools. The following are the most common types of window shades:

* Bali blinds- a type of window shade that totally blocks light from entering the room. Bali blinds are good energy saver fixtures because they can block the heat during warm seasons and they can also insulate the rooms during cold days.

* Bamboo blinds- a window shade made out of bamboo slats that are woven together with the use of reeds and rattan. Bamboo blinds are one of the favourites among interior designers who want to provide homes with tropical and relaxing environment. They are also easy to install, highly durable, and also environment friendly.

* Wood blinds- These types of shades are resistant to cracks. Most wood blinds are made up of hard woods. They also come in different furnishings so they can provide cosy atmospheres when installed on rooms.

* Vinyl blinds- these are one of the most popular among many window shades because of their affordability. They are also very durable because they are resistant to moisture and water. Despite their affordability, they are also good items for home decorations because they are available in variety of colours.

* Vertical blinds- these are very durable types of shades. They are most resistant against strong winds and they are the cheaper alternatives to metal blinds so they can be used for outdoor protection. Vertical blinds are also good insulators and energy savers just like Bali blinds. You can find some types of these that are motorized or can be controlled by remote controls.
Importance of Window Shades

Though they are only window fixtures, window blinds play important roles in providing homes the energy saving they need. They can keep harsh temperature at bay and at the same time, keep the temperatures warm during the cold season. They can also serve as good insulators by blocking the cracks and gaps of the windows while they can make rooms warmer by blocking the sun’s rays thus saving us expensive bills for air-conditioning. Moreover, window shades can help protect and preserve the furniture inside our homes because they can minimize the entry of dust, rain, and sunlight, that can alter the natural colour of our furniture.
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