Get Your Ex to Come Back to You – 3 Steps to Start the Ball Rolling

Having just experienced a break up, I am sure you are desperate to get your ex to come back to you. I have good news for you… It can be done. But, its going to require you to put these 3 steps into action in order to initiate the whole process.

Actually, as weird as this may sound, at this time, you need to do exactly the opposite of what you are feeling. So if you feel like calling your ex, don’t do it! If you are feeling sad and want to be alone, then you need to get out and hang with friends. If you want to talk about why the break up happened and talk yourself into a miserable state, then you need to attempt to stop that train of thought and distract yourself with other things.

So what should you do? Here are three basics steps that you need to apply to get your ex to come back.

Step 1 – Accept That You Are Split Up.

This is really hard to do since it is totally against you trying to get your ex to come back. But, to your ex, you need to appear ok with the break up and let it be. Why? Because the decision to make the break by your ex was most likely a difficult one and they are going through a lot too. Your accepting the break up and moving on will surprise them and lift off a lot of pressure. This space will give your ex time to think about what they have done. If they realize that they still love you, they will do what they can to get you back.

Step 2 – Do Not Contact Your Ex!

I can imagine that you are going through some major ups and downs and you are most likely not quite in control of your emotions. Actually have you called your ex since the break up? Have you emailed them? Have you by any chance tried to work things out by talking or worse yet, begging them to reconsider? I know you are trying to get your ex to come back, but these tactics won’t work. This will only serve to make the situation worse. Chasing your ex soon after a break up is a huge mistake which many people make. It will make your ex move further away from you. Like I said in step 1, your ex needs some space and thinking time and your not contacting them will also reinforce step 1 which was to show that you accept the break up.

Step 3 – Make Plans For When You First Meet

After your ex has had some thinking time and contacts you, what are you going to do? You need to think about how you are going to talk with them. Firstly, don’t fall for their every word and don’t just accept their first invitation. Ask them to call back later in the week because you have other plans. Then when you organize to meet your ex, make sure you meet in a non romantic setting and without alcohol. Keep the conversation friendly and don’t bring up the break up. That’s what they must do. Don’t act cold and distant, but just be your friendly self.