Getting Rid of Face Wrinkles With the Latest in Wrinkle Creams

There are plenty of wrinkle creams out there that promise to get rid of face wrinkles. But as most of you already know, most of these products are junk. How many millions of dollars have been wasted by consumers on anti wrinkle creams that absolutely don’t work?

But don’t give up hope yet. There are products out there that will effectively diminish wrinkles to smooth out your skin and give your face a youthful glow. All you need to know is how to sort through all the junk to find these jewels.

Wrinkle Creams to Avoid

First, you need to know what sorts of wrinkle creams to stay away from.

* Avoid creams that claim to contain collagen. Although collagen is very important to the skin, collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed when rubbed onto the skin. This is a favorite scam of skincare manufacturers.

* Avoid products containing parabens. Parabens are widely used in skincare products to increase shelf lives. However, parabens are known to have mild estrogenic effects and have been discovered in breast tumors. Therefore, they are considered a cancer risk.

* Stay away from products containing alcohols and fragrances. Fragrances can be carcinogenic, and alcohols have a terrible drying effect on the skin. It’s almost impossible to get rid of face wrinkles if your skin is dry or irritated.

Highly Effective Anti-Aging Products

Let’s talk about the variety of ingredients that you want in your wrinkle creams.

Recent research has identified certain substances that have a powerful healing and rejuvenating effect on the skin. Scientists believe this is because these substances stimulate the body to increase its production of collagen and elastin.

Collagen and elastin are important components of the skin matrix. They give the skin its strength, firmness, and elasticity. But over time, the skin matrix becomes damaged due to various factors, which weakens the matrix, and wrinkles then form.

In order to undo the wrinkles, the matrix must be repaired and rebuilt with new collagen and elastin fibers. Unfortunately, the older we get, the less and less collagen and elastin our bodies produce.

This is why these recently discovered substances that stimulate collagen and elastin production are so exciting. As these products work to increase collagen and elastin, your face wrinkles steadily disappear.

Not only do you want to buy anti wrinkle creams containing these substances, but you also want to be sure the creams contain rich, hydrating emollients to ensure that the proper moisture balance is restored to your skin. Remember, dry skin is unhealthy and more prone to the formation of face wrinkles.