Ghz Releases New Album, Morbid Curiosity

The first studio effort from GHz in February 2009 was “There’s Trouble Coming” and featured eight contemporary interpretations of hits and B-sides by Cream, Hendrix, and the Doors along with five originals in a similar vein. The band’s new 2010 release is “Morbid Curiosity,” and continues where the first album left off with ten original tunes that combine the psychedelic adventure, sonic exploration and explosive playing that has become part of the GHz signature. The new cuts are sometimes rocking, sometimes spacious; full of odd meters, combustive improvisation, and cool melodies you can never get out of your head. The quirky but thought provoking lyrics rattle the cages of the beasts of modern society, and dissect the human condition, fantasy love, and deep madness.

Scott Giambusso’s bass lines drive relentlessly and are flawlessly musical. Dan Hovey on guitar presents an all-you-can-hear buffet of fuzz, wah-wah, phaser and echo, played with the passion of Clapton or Hendrix in their prime. Drummer John Zidar, an octopus who permits no shade in his garden, rockets
each groove beyond Jupiter and sends DJs with drum machines crying home to Mama.

The UK’s magazine “Classical Rock Society” called the first album, “an absolute delight to fans of late 1960’s rock…you’re in for a treat and they do not disappoint!” Their latest take on “Morbid Curiosity” called the album “an enjoyable listen for those with blues in their bones…a crisp and cleanly produced slice of wholesome homespun rock…[with] strong songwriting and crowned by an experienced band’s musical ability.”

Strutter Magazine in the Netherlands says, “Without a doubt, the 10 included tracks are indeed food for the fans of HENDRIX/CREAM and I must admit that GHz is doing it very well actually, reaching dangerously close the classic rock sound of the late 1960’s heavy power/blues rock era.”

Power Play Magazine (UK) says, “GHz’s Morbid Curiosity clearly takes a page or two out of the book of 60’s classic rock, mixing elements of The Doors styled contemplative melancholy with the blues-rock sound of bands like Cream, thus creating something all around groovy.”

You can find both of the GHz CD’s; There’s Trouble Coming and Morbid Curiosity for digital or physical purchase from New Door Productions on iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby.

Find more information, photos, and music from GHz at their official site. Ten different songs are also available to stream from their MySpace page, along with further details and other related media. SABUNG AYAM