Girls New Ideal Friend: Synthetic Diamond

We all have heard about diamond, some of us may well even personal a single. But how many of us have heard about “synthetic diamond”. Its requires a lengthy time for Mother Nature to produce organic diamond from practically nothing more than carbon. But now with new technologies man is able to synthesize diamond in labs. Synthetic diamond does not have the very same properties as of a natural diamond. Its quality might be inferior, similar, or even superior according to the technology utilised to create it. Considering that the price to synthesize it artificially is a lot less than the price to mine it, synthetic diamond is much more and far more used in industrial applications.

Throughout the world there are several attempts to make synthetic diamonds. The earlier attempts failed to produce diamonds. Some succeeded in producing diamond like structures. Even the closest one created earlier had impurities in them, which renders them a yellow, brown, or blue color. This tends to make it in-comparable with the original colorless diamond.


The crystalline of the synthetic diamond produced utilizing new technologies varies. If we get single continuous diamonds, then they are used as gemstones. But if they have a polycrystalline structure then they are used for industrial applications like mining, cutting tools and so on. Diamond is identified for its hardness. But now the all-natural diamonds have a rival. Its new brother- the synthetic diamond-made employing new technology like CVD-Chemical Vapor Deposition can be much harder than all-natural diamonds. Yet another valuable function of this new technologies is that we can handle the hardness of the diamond created. No crystal ever produced or found is definitely cost-free of impurities. Identical is the case with our synthetic diamond. Something other than carbon in diamond is considered to be an impurity. But the excellent issue about this is that, if the impurity present is boron then diamond will have electrical conductivities, which provides us a chance to use it in the new technological applications.

Production Technologies:

There are mostly two new technologies employed to generate synthetic carbon, HPHT- Higher Pressure, High Temperature and CVD- Chemical Vapor Deposition. The typical technologies utilized is HPHT, simply because of its lowered expense. It produces very higher pressures making use of huge presses and high temperatures simulating circumstances comparable to that causes the creation of diamond inside earth. The other technologies-CVD, make diamonds utilizing plasma of carbon atoms and growing it on substrates. This produces pure diamonds but of extremely low sizes.

Makes use of and Application:

Diamond is extensively employed in cutting and mining tools, due to the fact of its hardness. They use it to break and grind other substances, whilst making sure low wear and tear to their tools. In electronics, diamonds promises to bring new technologies to life. Sine diamond is created up of carbon, if its doped with impurities such as boron or phosphorus, it will have semi-conductor properties. Till nowadays no transistor has been produced employing diamonds, but there are promising studies which enables us to embed microcircuits in diamonds, which then can operate in hostile environment exactly where ordinary silicon cant.
In the field of chemistry, diamond can be employed as electrodes, due to the fact in particular situations all other options will react with the topic below study. But diamonds produced with new technologies don’t have this problem.

I donut have to mention the subsequent use. If the synthetic diamond produced using new technology has sufficient top quality then it can be employed as gem stones. Even though new technologies, its quite hard to generate to gem quality diamonds. The primary problem is impurity, but now diamonds with slight nitrogen impurity produces a yellow tint, which is gaining recognition due to the fact of its low cost. The biggest synthetic gem quality diamond ever produced employing new technology was 34 carat yellow stone.