Give Your Home a Luxury New Look with Hardwood Flooring

If you are looking to make home improvements in the New Year then flooring can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your property. Carpets are now a thing of the past with many homes installing wooden flooring to offer either a traditional or contemporary feel to the home. Wooden flooring can also give a home the impression of more space which is good news for those with smaller dwellings.


Many homes have used laminate flooring to give the look of hardwood flooring which is a lot more cost effective. There are several differences between the two however and here are just some:


Laminate does not give the same natural, rich look of hardwood.
Laminate is a lot noisier than hardwood when walking on.
Hardwood is easier to repair than laminate with the option of re-sanding and re-treating hardwood available.
Hardwood flooring lasts a lot longer than laminate and looks beautiful in time as it ages.


Hardwood flooring may seem like a more expensive option but over the course of time it can actually become a lot more cost effective. Hardwood flooring during its lifetime may require some light sanding but when compared to flooring such as carpet this is nothing. Hardwood flooring will last the lifetime of a house but carpet and vinyl will need replacing 3-4 times at least during this time.


Harwood flooring can also add value to your home due to its high quality look, feel and finish. Home buyers hold the quality finish of a house high on their list of priorities and so hardwood flooring is definitely a must for many.


You can buy Hardwood flooring from many quality outlets in the UK but there the best prices can be found online with many options available to you. It is always best to employee the services of an experienced fitter so that the flooring looks its best. There are also some online guides to ensure that when measuring your room you get the dimensions correct and do not but too much or too little.


Wooden flooring looks great in any room including living room, bathroom and bedrooms. It is a good idea to have protectors in areas of high traffic such as entrances to rooms as this way you will cut down on the wear on the wood. Do make sure that these protector areas have not slip backing on them to avoid injury