– To Jailbreak or Not to Jailbreak


To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak? That is the question.

Do you wish you could make your iPhone different, escape the normal everyday common iPhone? Make your iPhone part of who YOU are, make it look, feel, do what YOU want. Did you know its LEGAL to Jailbreak your iPhone. If you don’t like it worst case scenario, you can always restore your iPhone to the last time you backed it up on iTunes.

-Change the theme of your iPhone (see theme section)
-Add as many apps as you want in only one folder (regular max is 12)
-Add as many apps inthe dock as you want (regular max is 4)
-Add as many apps on one page as you want (regular max is 18)
-Block phone calls and text messages
(cost money if you use AT&T)
-FaceTime over 3G not just WiFi
-Never pay extra for text/data plans again
-Never pay for a ring tone again
-Never pay for an app again*
-Change your iPhone fonts with FontSwap
-Play old school Game Boy, NES games for free
-Unlock your iPhone (T-Mobile not just AT&T)
& so much more!

Apple Hiring Engineers for Verizon iPhone


So it looks like Apple is looking to hire iPhone engineers who are fiamiliar with the type of wireless technology
used by Verizon, this could be a sign we will have Verizon iPhone in the near future.

With AT&T being the exclusive carrier of the iPhone coming to an end of contract, the iPhone is set to launch for Verizon by early 2011. CDMA trained engineers are being hired at the California based Apple company, AT&T uses GSM

Reports are also rumored to be that Verizon is paying Apple to deny Sprint and T-Mobile the chance to sell iPhones, closing the gap between competitors. Do you have Verizon & will you be switching to an iPhone if so?

Theme: Blue Matrix


Author: Nick Mortell
Authors website: None
Description: “This is the first blue matrix theme new updated ones will be coming.”
IMO: This is a slick, not flashy iPhone theme and I actually have it on my device right now. Comes with most common apps created, no SMS theme, no email theme. More of just a front cover theme overall.


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