Glycemic Index Recipe – Consider Pasta Choices

Great news for lovers of pasta is that many diet systems and programs include a plethora of pasta recipes, and with glycemic index diets, this is especially true. Virtually any pasta glycemic index recipe combined with plenty of low index foods is going to be on many dieters’ menus.

Pasta of all sorts rank in the moderate range from 30 upwards to 60 (with no pastas at either extreme ends of the scale). Pasta could be considered a moderate food choice ingredient when preparing any glycemic index recipe. So be free to put more into your diet from now on. It really is good for you.

Crucial in preparing any pasta choice, the cook must ready the pasta ‘al dente’. For the uninitiated, this means ‘cooked firmly’. Reasons being that the longer pasta is cooked, the higher pasta rises in numbers on the index score sheet. This is why you may often hear why factors of how long a food is cook will affect a ranking on ‘this or that’ kind of food. The correct firmness may be just slightly below what a newly opened stick of red licorice might feel like when chewing it fresh out of its package.

The portion size of the pasta is also crucial. There is no need for heaping upon heaping flows of spaghetti or fettuccini drooling over your plate. The pasta meal does not need to be small, but rather a healthy moderate size will do (also factoring in your own body frame size, of course). You can also choose to either increase the portion sizes and then make up for it by decreasing everything else in your meal to even lower glycemic index scores. As well, going the other way of decreasing the pasta portion, you can then load up a little higher in scores with some other foods a bit higher on the list. This is where the mix and match flexibility of the index comes into play. 

Pasta can also be influenced within any glycemic index recipe mix by other food choices you may add low on the glycemic index, such as green beans, chickpeas, etc. Keep that in mind with any recipe you find from now on, and begin substituting the ‘lesser’ foods for some of the ‘better’ choices you will now have once you get to know the entire index. 

Presented here is a low scoring pasta glycemic index recipe for your cooking and eating pleasure.

Shrimp and Pasta Delight (with a Brocolli and Green Beans Mix)

A teaspoon of salt

A teaspoon of ground pepper

A teaspoon of olive oil (preferably extra virgin)

A cup of pasta (mainly whole wheat due to its low glycemic index score)

A tablespoon of margarine (olive oil brands now available if possible)

On quarter cup of parmesan cheese (low fat of course)

Another teaspoon of salt

A single cup of green beans (chopped)

Two tablespoons of olive oil (once again extra virgin)

Up to a full cup of fresh shrimp (peeled)

A teaspoon of garlic (minced)


Adding salt and olive oil within a water filled medium sized pot. Heat set at high. Pasta then added to boiling water and cooked towards ‘al dente’ for about five to seven minutes or so.

With chopped beans and broccoli lightly steamed, remove the vegetables from the heat source.

During wait time of steaming vegetables, lightly warm a second helping of olive oil and sauté the shrimp with garlic and parsley.

At time of serving, toss pasta and shrimp, then add the sauce warmly heated, then give it all another toss.

This low glycemic index recipe is yours to enjoy!