Go From a Struggling To a Striving Reader

For those of you out there whose children are having some trouble with their readings, here are some reading strategies which you can implement into your reading time with your infant.
First off, make sure that your kid is properly fed and rested before reading, since he will need to give his brains an intense workout… doing otherwise will ensure that your child will get frustrated and ultimately fail. The thing is about children, some won’t tell you when they’re tired or hungry, and so as a parent you shouldn’t misinterpret that as a lack of interest for reading and tend to the infant’s primary needs.
Second, make sure to be well-fed and well-rested yourself. If you’re not, you won’t be enjoying the reading, and the child will right away imitate his parent’s attitude, and become frustrated with the readings. So every time now before teaching, I recommend you have a snack and a short nap, that will accelerate your kid’s learning process as well as well as make both of you happier.
Third of all, get rid of any distractions, as they will not let your infant concentrate. Children are very easily distracted by anything around them, so make sure to create an environment where the only things going on are you teaching your child how to read… this might mean making the most boring room of the house into a study.
Fourthly, choose a comfortable space to study. Don’t use chairs or desks… most kids are energetic and all wiggly, and thus will learn better if they read while lying on the sofa or the floor.
Last tip, don’t overload the child. If he’s showing signs of not being able to take anymore, don’t force it, take a break, regain some energy, and come back later to finish the lesson. There is absolutely no point into forcing knowledge into a head functioning at zero capacity.
If you follow through with these steps, you will have the foundation to turn any struggling readers into striving ones.