Goa calling! And This Time It really is Far more Than Just The Sea

When it comes to selecting locations to see in Goa, ‘spoilt for choice’ is the just the appropriate phrase. Fairly contrary to the common myth of being just a land of the sand and sun, there is tons to see and loads to explore in Goa. The Chapora Beach is of course for the beach lovers, Agonda is for the serenity seekers and Calangute and Baga is specially for the water babies, amongst other things. There are dozens of churches like the Church of Cajetan, St. Antony’s Church and Se Cathedral to name a couple of. The fine architecture and spiritual air around these has attracted curious travellers from time immemorial. Add to this the delight of a buying spree at the flea markets – there, that is Goa in a nutshell.

To start off with, there is the Basilica of Bom Jesus. This is well-known not only for it really is basic architecture but also since it houses the remains of Saint Francis. Then, there is the little known Pilar Semiary, tucked on a hilltop, amidst the swaying greens. The Wax Globe Museum and the Devil’s Canyon are some of the other locations that a traveller would dote on.

Goa’s Got The Proper Temperature

Beside getting ample areas to see and things to do, the Goa climate is something that lures the travellers as effectively. Even the wind appears to have something mesmerizing about it. Goa temperature remains at an inviting moderate all by way of the year. Although October to April is a very good time to visit Goa, most visitors pour in during December and January to celebrate at the hottest party locations in Goa.

However Goa remains a captivating tourist hub for more motives.

What takes place in Goa

The easygoing, forever happy vibes that emanate from the culture and lifestyle of Goa and its individuals, tends to make it a considerably favoured destination as properly. Although the whole of Goa gaily joins in the carnival, the fervour remains the same when it comes to fests such as Sunburn, International Film Festival of India, and lately, the India Bike Week. Spicing up the tourist circuit at Goa is its emergence as a hub of adventure sports activities, like parasailing, paragliding and, of course, the extremely renowned banana ride.

Notches away from the ‘party place’ that it is believed to be, the crowd right here has an unnerving energy. It isn’t uncommon to see painters, writers, directors and other creative geniuses engaged deep in conversation more than a cup of coffee at a single of the common cafes in Goa.  

A favourite haunt for the Indian travellers, Goa is increasing up the charts for foreigners as nicely. The credit for this also goes to the ample places to go to near Goa. It’s exciting to see travellers producing travel enquiries about how to go from Goa to Shirdi or from Goa to Ahmedabad, for it clearly implies that vacationers with diverse interests pay a visit to Goa. What adds to the fascination is the fact that Goa is nicely connected to nearly all the key destinations across India. Tourists, mainly backpackers, can typically be seen fiddling with their itineraries, locating ways to attain from Goa to Mangalore, which often is the gateway to Coorg.

For some Goa is a party spot, for others a pilgrim spot. It is a romantic location for many and for few, it is a inventive zone, nonetheless there are loads of travellers who pay a visit to Goa to simply unwind.