Goa Christmas And New Year Celebration

Goa is a smallest and rich state of the Indian country territory. Goa was Portugal country colony estate from 1510 to 1961 so Goa has biggest cultural effect of European style. Goa has thirty three Christian religion people and fifty six percent people are Hindu religion. Yearly Goa beaches and churches are full with tourist.

Goa celebrates yearly many festivals but Goa most popular festivals are Christmas, New Year, Diwali and Holi etc. among numbers of festivals most popular in foreign tourist and domestic are Christmas and New Year.

Christmas: Christmas is a main festival of Christian religion people because this is Lord Jesus Christ birth day. Numbers of European and other countries people come to celebrate festival in famous old Goa churches. Every year Christmas festivals celebration occurs on 25 December. This day churches decorate with full type. People purchase new clothes and other sweets. They go to churches and pray of Lord Jesus Christ. Goa has most popular churches in which present famous saints Body existence. These churches also are pilgrimage place for foreigner and domestic Christian pilgrims.

New Year: New Year celebration is day of bye of past year and welcome to New Year. New Year is a passion day and full file emotion in every person. Rich and poor people prepare to celebrate New Year with excitement. Numbers of people of different religion and countries collects in hotels, restaurants clubs, and in stadiums from 31 December night. People bye of past year with dance, sing songs and do some other excitement and welcome New Year. On New Year mostly Goa hotels full booked. People appear cheer and happy for new hope to changes in life.

Goa is name of tourism land in India. Goa Tour is most part to earn revenue of Goa government. Mostly foreign and domestic people come to Goa churches, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries parks and cultural activities. SABUNG AYAM