Goa Churches – A Spellbinding blend of Art & History

Goa is far famed for its wealthy previous and rich cultural heritages. Stunning churches in Goa have been a fascination for travelers, epitomizing state’s rich colonial past. This post describes some most common Goa churches.

If you consider Goa travel is all about its scintillating beaches, consider again. No doubt, tropical beaches in Goa entice travelers in hoards remarkable churches in the state have also been a fascination for history admirers from far and wide. Goa, a former Portuguese territory, is actually synonymous with churches, which have been a living testimony of its wealthy colonial past. Strategically built to spread Christianity in the state, Goa churches are superb and the must-visit attractions for vacationers, specifically for these with sense of history and cultures. Architectural brilliance, historical significance and a distinctive religious ardor of these magnificent Goa churches can leave anybody spellbound.

Have a look on some most captivating Goa Churches:

Basilica of Bom Jesus: Designated as a Globe Heritage Internet site, this superb church is 1 of the most common historical landmarks in Goa. It’s situated in Old Goa, and is dedicated to St. Francis Xavier – a Patron saint of Goa. Constructed of black laterite stone, this 3 storey structure is an wonderful blend of Doric, Corinthian and Composite style of architecture. The interior of church is noteworthy due to its simplicity and alluring Mosaic-Corinthian style of architecture.

Se Cathedral Church: Dedicated to St Catherine of Alexandria, this magnificent edifice is situated in Old Goa – about 9km from the capital city Panaji. Stand enormous with its size, structure and spiritualism, this Goan Church reflects the wealth, energy and fame of Portuguese. Se Cathedral Church was constructed in mid-16th century, and it took eight years to create this church.

Church of St Augustine: This beautiful church is positioned on the Holy Hill of Old Goa, and is a well-liked tourist attraction in Goa. 46-meter high, Church of St Augustine appears stunning. Even so, today just the remnants of the church are obtainable. This majestic edifice was constructed in 1602 with the combined efforts of 12 Augustinians.

Church of St Francis: A beautiful structure situated in Old Goa, Church of St Francis of Assisi attracts a huge quantity of Goa travelers. This magnificent creating boasts a classic architecture design and style along with excellent art operate on its walls. There are two superb statues: one of St Francis of Assisi and the other of Jesus on the cross, in the church. This captivating developing in Old Goa was constructed in the course of 1517-1521 AD.

St Paul Church: Go to here and you get explore wonderful architectural design along with mesmeric spiritualism and serenity. The St, Paul Church is positioned in Old Goa, and is an alluring tourist spot of the state. This beautiful church was built with a combined work of two priests – Diogo de Borba and Miguel Vaz.

When you are on a Goa holiday, never miss to visit these remarkable edifices. Pan your Goa tour perfectly with a reputed travel agent. A wide variety of Goa packages are accessible on-line.