Goa tour packages: Land of breezy beaches & serene cathedrals

Goa is a heart-warming &amp enjoyable-filled beach location located in south-west India. When one particular thinks of Goa tourism, what leaps into thoughts is a sandy sea, picturesque landscape, palm trees, alluring churches and a vivacious multi-ethnic culture. A trip to Goa can do wonders to your spirit with the breezy sea casting a seductive impact and the coconut trees leaving an indelible imprint. Goa, undoubtedly, is the number 1 beach spot in India. But its distinct personality is accredited to its lofty cathedrals, silent cemeteries, historical museums, lush waterfalls and dense forests- which collectively lend this state an old globe feel.

Goa has a exclusive character. It has all the amenities that the contemporary life offers, nevertheless it has retained an old world quaintness which tends to make this place an ethereal spot. Churches like Se Cathedral and Basilica of Bom Jesus will tug at your heart. They are ideal blends of beauty, architecture, history &amp religion. A number of architectural buildings, monuments &amp forts of this state have a Portugal touch to it. They will transport you to the medieval era when the Portuguese had set their colony right here.

The regional markets, bustling streets, Bazaars &amp warm individuals will bring a smile to your face and support you feel the vivacious culture. Museums sprinkled all more than the state are informative &amp engaging. There is also anything for the wildlife lovers as Goa is famous for its sanctuaries like the Bondla wildlife sanctuary &amp Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. But Goa tour packages are chiefly sought for the virgin beaches, the water sports (snorkeling, sailing, paragliding, surfing etc) and the seaside revelries that can go on deep into the night. It is only when men and women come right here do they understand that this beach destination is so significantly about history, culture, religion and serenity…….

Exactly where to stay: Goa tourism business is so enormous that there are countless hotels, inns and guest houses offered for vacationers. Depending on your spending budget, you can check into a five-star hotel (preferably the ones situated near the beaches) or a budget hotel. Also, you can browse through some attractive Goa tour packages, inclusive of Goa sightseeing, to make sure that your trip to Goa is an extremely comforting &amp hassle-totally free one.

Major Goa attractions: Significant Goa attractions are:

*Basilica of Bom Jesus
*Se Cathedral
*Church of our Lady of the Rosary
*Dudhsagar Falls (a majestic waterfall)
*Mayem Lake
*Arvalem Waterfalls
*Kesarval Spring
*Carabolin Lake
*Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
*Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
*Braganza Residence (a 16th century mansion)
*Solar Dos Colacos (a 18th century property renowned for its architecture &amp heritage value)

When to go to: Even though, you can program your Goa tourism throughout the year, the ideal time would undoubtedly be among October-April. Try to strategy your trip to Goa during the festive season of December-January specially in the course of Christmas &amp New Year which are celebrated with intense revelries.

Neighborhood festivals: Goa celebrates all major national festivals with intense zeal and gusto. But it has its personal neighborhood festivals like the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, All Saints Feast and the joyous Winter Carnival.
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