Goa tour packages: Walk into a magical holiday destination

Just like a magician shows his tricks one by one to his mesmerized audience, Goa also unravels its beauty bit by bit to its swarm of hypnotized tourists. If you have not yet taken a trip to Goa, you have undoubtedly kept your self bereft of the greatest joy a traveller could ask for.

First and foremost, Goa will exhibit its grand beaches (close to 40 in quantity). All the beaches boast of a unique personality. Even though some boast of a raucous crowd, other folks are serene even though some are very heart-rending in terms of panoramic beauty. As soon as you are assured that Goa tour packages have brought you to the ideal beach destination in the globe, this captivating magic land throws up new things to bewitch you moreover. You get to witness some old mansions, buildings &amp churches most of which were built during the colonial era a few centuries back. Hence, a trip to Goa is flying back via the time warp into the 15th &amp 16th century. Take for instance, the 16th century edifices like the Braganza Residence or the Basilica of Bom Jesus (a popular church). Other well-liked churches include the Se Cathedral (a must go to site) and the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. Therefore, far from the bustle of metropolitan cities, you get a taste of an old globe really feel anything that will evoke nostalgia and emotions.

But if you really feel that Goa is old &amp sluggish, then behold, here comes the subsequent trick! Goa’s fast &amp heart-racing nightlife is the very best the country could supply. In reality, even though the rest of the country is very brief of night clubs and casinos, Goa has a racy night life. Bars, spas, Ayurveda, casinos, cruise on a luxury yacht and discs- you name it, you get it.

Trip to Goa also brings you into the lap of nature. Waterfalls like the Dudhsagar Falls and Arvalem Falls are terrific. Kesarval Sping, Mayem Lake and Carabolin Lake are also gorgeous spots that will interest a tourist. And then there are forests and sanctuaries like the Bondla wildlife park and the Salim Ali bird sanctuary.

What to eat: Goa is globally popular not just for its beaches but also for its tasty cuisines. You can get any type of dish you crave for. Also, attempt nearby meals especially the fresh seafood served at restaurants and Goa hotels.

Exactly where to stay: There are plenty of Goa hotels, resorts and budgeted lodges exactly where you can check in. Also, it is advisable to acquire Goa tour packages to book your desirable sort of Goa hotels (luxury or modest) and stay away from final-minute hassles.

Main Goa attractions: In the course of your trip to Goa, do pay a visit to
*Basilica of Bom Jesus (need to check out)
*Se Cathedral (have to visit)
*Church of our Lady of the Rosary
*Dudhsagar Falls (need to visit)
*Braganza Property
*Mayem Lake
*Arvalem Waterfalls
*Kesarval Spring
*Carabolin Lake
*Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Greatest time to check out Goa: In the course of October to April specifically throughout Winter Carnival
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