Goa Tourist Guide for All

Goa is India’s smallest state. It is India’s richest state as well with its GDP per capita more than double the whole country’s GDP Per Capita. The state also has amongst the ideal infrastructure in the country. This may be due to the truth that Goa has usually been a well-liked tourist location, mainly international vacationers.
Exactly where is Goa?
Goa is situated in the southwestern coastal area of India. This region is known as the Konkan Coast and Goa is renowned for its numerous spectacular beaches.
About Goa
Goa’s principal business is the tourism sector, and it attracts a large number of international and domestic vacationers. The principal attractions are its many beaches, the Portuguese Churches and Nature Reserves on the Western Ghats.
Goa is a melting pot of diverse cultures. The history of Goa goes back a lengthy time. It even finds mention in the ancient Indian Epics like the Mahabharata where it is referred to as Gomanta. Goa came below Portuguese rule in the 16th Century and remained a Portuguese Colony until 1961, when it was annexed to India along with Daman and Diu. It was a Union Territory till the late 1980s. In 1987, Goa became India’s 25th state.
Major Cities and Towns
The Portuguese influence is evident in numerous elements of Goa’s cultural and social spectrum. The biggest city is Goa is Vasco Da Gama. The Capital is Panaji. Margao, exactly where the Portuguese landed initially nonetheless exhibits heavy influence of Portuguese culture.
Goa is divided into two districts – North Goa and South Goa. . The headquarters of North Goa is Panaji. Margao is the South Goa headquarters.
Goa Culture
Goa is a multi-cultural state with predominantly Hindu and Christian population. It is a state identified for its religious harmony. The major festivals in Goa are Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Christmas and Easter. Goa’s official language is Konkani, while Marathi is a second language of communication.
Locations to See in Goa
Goa is identified with its superb beaches. It is a coastal state and the beaches are indeed a huge attraction. But there is more to Goa then just the sand and sea.
Goa has two globe heritage web sites. One is the Bom Jesus Basilica containing the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. The other Planet heritage Internet site are some certain churches and convents in Old Goa or Velha Goa, a city in North Goa.
Apart from these, there are a lot of other places like the Anjunem Dam, the Arvalem Waterfalls and Caves, the Carambolim Lake, the Chapoli Dam, the Chapora Fort, the Madei Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Pequeno Island or Bat Island.
How to Attain Goa
Goa becoming a common tourist location is easy to reach from most key cities in India. You can fly to Goa from Mumbai Bangalore, Chennai and so on.The Konkan Railway network connects Goa to numerous components of India. You can attain Goa by train from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Trivandrum and so on.
Even though traveling by bus, it is less difficult to attain key cities in neighboring states like Bangalore, Mumbai Pune and so forth and then get a bus to Goa.Goa is a coastal region. You chose to take a pleasant cruise to Goa from locations like Mumbai.
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