Going Solo: Selling Your Home or Investment Property Yourself

The time has come and your decision’s final; you’re going to sell your home or investment property. Now all you have to do is figure out the best approach to do so.

You need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of going solo as your own real estate agent. To sell successfully and accomplish the sale in the shortest possible time, you’ll need to do your homework.

Let’s face it; your biggest fear is that you will be stuck with a home or an investment property that won’t sell. You fear you will have to continue to make payments that you can’t afford. Alternately, you fear you will have to continue to make payments you can afford but don’t want to continue to make.

You want to sell fast. You don’t want to see bills for taxes, property insurance, and maintenance constantly coming your way. You don’t want the continuing mortgage payments on your investment property. You want to sell and do the selling yourself to avoid real estate fees.

Consider these points when deciding to sell your home or investment property on your own:

* Do you have the time available to sell the property yourself?

* Do you know how to draw up a proper purchase and sale agreement? If not, do you know where to get assistance to help you to do so?

* Are you prepared to pass real estate fee savings onto the buyer, who is well informed, and knows there are no real estate fees in this deal?

* Can you get the necessary exposure for your property to facilitate its quick sale?

* Do you have the money to pay for the exposure?

These are all things to consider when you decide to bypass a real estate service.

Part of doing your homework when deciding to sell your home or investment property on your own, is investigating the help available on the web. Here you will find:

* Web seminars, systems and tutorials on how to go about being your own real estate agent

* Sites where you can advertise your private sale

* Resources on how to effectively promote your property through proper advertising

* Examples of purchase and sale agreements and places that will help you draw them up

* Real estate market information: trends and prices

There is no shortage of information available to the seller who wants to go it alone. There’s no need in, today’s information age, to be without the knowledge needed to sell your home or investment property on your own. Take the time to do your research and you will reap the benefits.

You’ve heard the term ‘buyers beware’ and the reasoning behind that maxim. There is also the term, maybe not as familiar, “sellers beware”, with reasons for that maxim as well.

A seller who decides to go it alone in the real estate market has to be aware of the current market. They have to identify buyers’ expectations against their own expectations so they do not short change themselves price wise. Some perceptive buyers, who’ve done their homework, will take advantage of a novice seller. It’s the nature of a free competitive market.

It’s your job to make sure they don’t.
Sabung Ayam
Sondre Lerche
with Dedekind Cut
Brooklyn-based Norwegian singer/songwriter/composer/guitarist. His eclectic and richly melodic debut, 'Faces Down,' written and recorded at 16, was named among the best albums of the year, and listed as one of the most remarkable debuts of 2002 by Rolling Stone Magazine.Follow-up 'Two Way Monologue' was an Album Of The Year in Uncut Magazine and solidified Lerche's global momentum. He toured extensively across the world both solo, with his band, and opening for artists such as Air, Stereolab and Elvis Costello, appearing on stages such as Carnegie Hall, Hollywood Bowl and Royal Albert Hall.In 2006 Lerche released the jazz-inflected Billboard Jazz Top 5 album, 'Duper Sessions,' followed by 'Phantom Punch' — his first album not recorded in Norway — as well as his acclaimed Original Soundtrack for the 2007 Steve Carell/Juliette Binoche hit movie 'Dan In Real Life,' where Lerche also appeared in a cameo as himself.Having relocated to Brooklyn, Lerche's countless dynamic live performances, often completely alone on stage, continued to reach new listeners, while his music continuously explored new themes and styles.2009's 'Heartbeat Radio' won US critical acclaim, including from the LA Times: "No matter what genre he's working in — fuzzy garage rock, breezy vocal jazz, acoustic folk-pop — this young Norwegian singer-songwriter crafts catchier choruses than many musicians who've been working twice as long as he has. His refrains always pay off."In 2010, Lerche co-wrote the song "Dear Laughing Doubters" for another Carell hit comedy, 'Dinner For Schmucks.'In 2011 he appeared on David Letterman's "Late Show" for the second time, performing a song from his self-titled (and first self-released) album, of which Rolling Stone Magazine said, "The man has grown since his early-2000s days as an indie-pop prodigy: Now a dependably intriguing wordsmith, he still shows no shortage of unusually intelligent quirks."In 2012 Lerche was honored to appear on an official postage stamp in Norway.2014 saw the release of his celebrated dissonant and mostly ambient score for the Sundance indie-hit movie 'The Sleepwalker,' and a new career peak, the album 'Please,' which Popmatters called "a pop masterpiece," while naming it one of the best albums of the year. 2017 sees Lerche embarking on a new world tour, starting in Norway in January.