Going Strong With Galvanized Lag Bolts

Lag bolts are fasteners which are used to bind pieces of wood firmly. Examples of wood pieces are large beams and posts that are used for decking, wooden bridges and wooden structures, and railway trestles. With the aid of a particular insert that is called lag, it would be utilized in concrete. The particular bolts have a large head and a cylindrical shaft. It comes in a variety of threads and sizes. It may show a discrepancy in length. The size would range starting from 1/4 up to 3/4 inch in terms of diameter and 1/4 inch to 24 inches in length.

Bolts are produced using various materials. The most common materials are silicone bronze steel, a zinc plated steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel that is hot dipped. zinc plated steel as well as galvanized steel that is hot dipped are more expensive. The reason for this that they give resistance to rust and corrosion. They are also able to support heavier loads.

The use of galvanized lag bolts is very popular for outdoor purposes and nautical and coastal environment since it’s the best type of bolt that is corrosion resisatant. Galvanized lag bolts also offers protection from rust. The advantage of galvanization compared to standard bolts is that galvanized bolts can be used for external or even internal applications. The Galvanized bolt can withstand moisture, rain, humidity and, salt exposure. All which can cause deterioration in a regular bolt’s quality.

How are galvanized bolts produced? Screws or bolts undergo a series of chemical reaction process. this process was named after an Itlian scientist named Luigi Galvani. Galvanization is the process of electrode positioning, a thin film of zinc is layered to the galvanized lags. Nowadays, people are using the hot dip galvanization process to make bokts. Galvanization is a procedure of covering steel with zinc or iron to provide protection for the metal. Before the start of the galvanization process, the iron or steel should be washed as well as it should be chemically treated to get rid of dirt on the steel’s surface and oxidation. The steel will then be dipped into a molten zinc. Excessive zinc is drained off. The coated steel would then be cooled by cold air or through cold water. The purpose of the zinc is to act as a sacrificial anode and a mechanical barrier for the steel.

Manufacturers create galvanized products including bolts, nails, nuts, and screws. Galvanized lag bolts are used to prevent possible corroding and rusting of bolts at it may cause certain dark stains towards the building facade or wooden structure. It does only affect the physical appearance but it could affect the high quality of the bolt. Galvanized products like this gain popularity because of their features and these include metal protection, support and strength, easy application and extended lifespan.

The industry division is claiming that the strong galvanized bolts could for more than 100 years. However if they are exposed to harsh condition, its lifespan might be reduced. Though galvanized lag bolts are much more corrosion-resistant than zinc plated bolts, it will not still guarantee that it would never happen. This is because the special coatings may erode and diminish over time due to exposure to chemicals, abrasions, acid and salt. SABUNG AYAM