Going the Extra Mile When You Sell Things on eBay

It’s a tough time for businesses these days. As prices of basic commodities continue to rise; now more than ever, more people are turning to auctions sites like eBay to find the best deals and bargains. And with the economic recession continuing to take its toll on small to medium sized retailers more and more sellers are heading online to sell things on eBay to make the extra income.

For a growing number of eBay businesses, selling and making a profit out of products and/or services listed on eBay is just one part of their business. For startups, the best aspect of selling things on eBay is that it allows you to set up an online shop without having to go through the hassles and headaches  of getting your own domain, creating a site and figuring out how to drive traffic to that site. With eBay you have a ready audience of about millions at any given time. And that, for a seller, can be both a positive and a negative. Here’s a list of tips to help you successfully launch you eBay store and get you on your way to becoming an eBay PowerSeller!

• People DO judge the cover

Unlike having an actual physical storefront, when you sell things on eBay you don’t have the additional benefit of having your buyers try out your products in person. When you sell things on eBay you have to rely on pictures and descriptions to sell them. So you better make sure your pictures are detailed, clear and have the best resolution. It’s been shown that people will more likely click on an item professionally shot and stylized than click on a grainy image even if it’s slightly cheaper.  Investing in a good high-resolution camera (if you plan to take pictures yourself) or a professional photographer is a must to successful eBay selling.

• Success is in the details

After working on your images another vital aspect to consider is writing down your product’s description. Make sure that you’re describing your product as accurately as possible when you sell things on ebay and keep in mind to use search engine friendly words. Be honest and don’t exaggerate your descriptions. If you sell things on ebay that are second-hand items consider noting imperfections or minor damages to the items on your description. Always bear in mind that a good reputation on eBay is the best thing to boost your business.

• Offer options and free gifts

Nothing sweetens a deal more than a freebie! Dig up some items you haven’t sold for a while and offer them as free gifts (but not the perishable items of course).

Also, offer payment and shipping options to make it even easier for your buyers. Try to offer payment options like credit cards, debit cards, checks, money orders, Pay Pal and the likes and not just one or two options. The great thing about PayPal is the transaction is traceable and eligible transactions are covered by the Paypal Buyer Protection which is always an added bonus for buyers. As for shipping, offer both domestic and international shipping and go with a courier you trust that allows you to track packages online. Just make sure that the items you’re selling are cleared for sale in other countries.

And finally, whatever you do always strive for superior customer service and a hundred percent customer satisfaction.  A good buyer feedback earns loyal customers and more business. As Benjamin Franklin put it “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”. The same can be said on eBay, it only takes one negative feedback to change your buyers’ minds.