Gold prospecting – Go for Gold

Gold is one of the costliest and precious metals found in our planet. Gold prospecting or gold search operations are carried on in many countries. The word “prospecting” means searching for something new. It can be anything from new metals to fossils or minerals. Gold prospecting means searching and excavating gold from the earth.

Gold prospecting is not an easy job. It requires lot of physical work from strong, untiring men. Many instruments and cattle had to be used to dig the field to find the gold deposits. Elaborate surveys should be taken to find out if the earth has gold and if so how deep. Samples should be collected to check the quality. Thousands of people involved themselves in gold prospecting. They used various instruments like shovel to dig the surface of the earth and bring out the gold deposits.

There are two ways of gold prospecting. They are the modern and the traditional method. A group of people travelled to a particular place where gold is found and started the process of gold prospecting there using simple metals like sluice boxes and winnows in the traditional method. They filtered the gold filled slit near the river beds and collected the gold dust. They used this gold dust to produce various items after melting.

Gold prospecting is showed in a detail form in many Hollywood films like McKenna’s gold and Gold Rush. These films depict gold expeditions just the way they were done in early days. Usually the plot will start with a team of expeditors obtaining a map left by a great prospector. The team will travel following the map with all the necessary devices. Once they reach their destination they will start excavating gold using various means.

Countries like United States of America, Papua New Guinea, South America, Australia, South Africa and Canada had plenty of gold deposits on which gold prospecting were done. Their travelling pattern depicted nomads called as gypsies as they roamed around the entire stretch of landscape using horses. In the modern era, this gold prospecting is done with the aid of technical advancements like geology, remote sensing, and rock assay analysis and also with the help of satellite imagery. Even metal detectors are deployed for this purpose of tracking gold in ground surfaces.
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