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Huang Guangyu
Disclosure of the news investigation, investors
GOME Electrical Appliances
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Electric’s corporate governance structure. This time move to stop Huang Guangyu couple positions, showing that Gome started to take active measures to improve the governance structure, in order to discourage countries from outside the United States on the follow-up the development of many doubts.

Huang Guangyu cuckoo couples can not represent another country the United States may appear in public. CFP Information

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“Huang Guangyu times after” the national United States began to take the initiative to improve the corporate governance structure. Gome (00493.HK) announced on yesterday, in view of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau is investigating on the Huang Guangyu, Gome Huang Guangyu was suspended in the administrative duties. Meanwhile, due to the close relationship between spouses as Wong Kwong Yu, his wife, also resigned as Executive Director cuckoo.

Notice that, in view of Huang Guangyu is unable to perform duties as a director, the Board decided on December 23 suspended Huang Guangyu of administrative duties. Companies have tried to contact with Huang Guangyu, Huang Guangyu, but has not yet been a reply. Rhododendron is the initiative to resign from his wife, their executive director, resigned as director because of her view, consistent with the company and the best interests of shareholders. At the same time, the cuckoo as the Gome Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee members and the identity of an authorized representative of the company automatically terminates.

Announcement also said the board will be re-appointed Executive Vice President Wang Junzhou as executive director. Wang Junzhou Weiqiu Li, vice president and in September 1, 2008 was appointed executive director, after the result of the provisions of the Articles of Association in the number of directors shall not be more than 11 were declared invalid. This time, after the resignation of the cuckoo, the vacancies to be filled just by the Wang Junzhou.

Wang Junzhou 46, 1983, graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2001, joined the Gome. November 2006, Wang Junzhou as executive vice president of GOME.

Huang Guangyu While suspended administrative duties, but he still is a member of the board, but Chairman of the Board by the president, Chen Xiao, Gome agent. Despite the reputation of the country at present unable to contact Huang Guangyu, but Wang Junzhou has informed the Board of Directors, was Huang Guangyu Wang Junzhou and Weiqiu Li’s commission will be based on GOME and Huang Guangyu Group, their respective boards of private instruction to execute on behalf of the GOME and Huang Guangyu Huang Guangyu private group files. Announcement did not disclose the commission for the time and manner.

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