Good Communication on eBay Equals Positive Feedback

One of the keys to encouraging your buyers to leave you positive feedback is by using good communication. In fact good communication can help avoid many negative feedbacks.

What do we mean by communication? This is any information that you provide to prospective buyers via your listing and in emails and via eBay Messages. Let’s consider some of this activity…

1. Preventing Misunderstandings

Good communication helps to avoid misunderstandings. Take delivery – spell out in your listing exactly how long your buyer can expect to wait for their item to be delivered to them. For example, if surface shipping takes six to eight weeks but your customer hasn’t been made aware of this they may feel that your service is slow and poor or even that they have been cheated. So, make sure you spell out delivery time frame.

Is your refund policy clear?

Is your product clearly and accurately described in your listing?

Does your product quality meet or exceed the expectations created by your listing?

2. Prompt Response to eBay Messages and Emails

Your customers and prospective buyers will communicate with you in eBay Messages and via email. Your response to these communications will be used by them in assessing your performance as an eBay seller.

If your response is slow, this will be noted by the customer or prospect as an indication that your customer service is less than the best. If you respond slowly more than once to the same person, then you’ll probably earn yourself a negative or neutral feedback and possibly poor DSR rating.

Conversely, if you always respond promptly to eBay Messages and emails this can only help towards you earning a positive feedback and top DSR marks.

One further point about Messages and emails you write – make sure you always come across as being helpful. I would say that if you’re running a business selling on eBay, then there is never a time when you should create anything other than helpful Messages and emails. Even though you feel that the person deserves to be “blasted”, don’t be tempted to go there. You can be the only loser.

In my eBay business I take pride in converting the complaining buyer into a long term customer.

3. Encourage Queries

Always state in your listings if they have any questions about this item, please Message or e-mail you.

Whenever anyone contacts you via Messages or by email, this is not an imposition. Treat it as an opportunity for you to sell! Think about it – companies spend millions on advertising trying to get prospective customers to get in touch with them. And here on eBay, you’re getting exactly that for pennies! So use those communications wisely.

4. Reversing Negative Feedback

As we’ve discussed, good communication can help in avoiding receiving negative feedback. However, what if you do receive negative feedback and you feel it is unreasonable, is there anything you can do about it?

Under certain very limited circumstances (such as an extortion attempt), eBay itself might reverse negative feedback unjustly given to you. In most cases, however, eBay won’t interfere in the feedback process.

You can use eBay’s “Mutual Feedback Withdrawal” procedure. This is where both the buyer and seller agree to withdraw negative feedback from each other. The negative feedback will be removed from both of you thus improving both feedback ratings.

In summary, good and prompt communication can prevent problems from arising and reduce the likelihood of receiving negative feedback. Good communication also enables you to demonstrate your professionalism and helpfulness and even earn you additional sales.