Good Humor and Kind Words Spoken at Alfred E Smith Dinner

If you have been watching the news stations you probably got a glimpse of the Alfred E Smith Memorial Dinner.

This dinner is held annually and during election years there are usually two keynote speakers which happen to be the two Presidential candidates.

Tradition was upheld this year as John McCain and Barack Obama traded good hearted jabs at each other.

No matter which candidate you are supporting you could appreciate the tone of the evening. It was a welcome respite from the negative nature of this campaign.

Watching this event demonstrated to me that these two men acknowledge, despite the viciousness of this campaign, that either man is good and has the best interests of the country in mind.

That they understand that the real battle is between two different ideologies. They have two different philosophies on what it will take to lead us out of this crisis and into the future.

John McCain in particular impressed me. Following his jabs at Barack Obama he sincerely offered extremely kind words about his opponent. His words were said with forthrightness and conviction. Many of McCain’s supporters should learn a lesson from this.

In the United States at intervals of no more than eight years we have a peaceful transfer of power. This is an amazing thing that we do not always appreciate.

We are the worlds greatest democracy. Countless lives were lost in pursuit of the democratic idea. Countless lives have been lost trying to further the cause of democracy around the world.

On November 4th one man will ascend to the greatest political office in the world and the other shall return to the Senate.

Whether or not their title will be President or Senator both men will return to working for what they believe in and what is best for this country.

I would like to remind everyone that it is our duty to follow our new commander in chief. You may decide whomever it is that they are in much need of prayer. I encourage you to do so.

At this time, in our society, prayer should not be the exception but the rule.

Should John McCain win the Presidency then I expect Barack Obama to serve him dutifully. I expect the same from John McCain.

This race has been difficult, tough, and yes divisive. We are a boiling pot of a nation. We are a mixture of cultures. We are proud of this.

At one time our borders were open and anyone who dared could seek the American dream. Arguably the greatest American dream is that any one man or woman can one day become President regardless of race or religion.

Most people would argue that this is a good thing. Yet I wonder how many people out there will not vote for a man with the middle name Hussein.

We have progressed far in our pursuit of civil liberties. However, I am wondering if we should now completely shut down our borders because it is not right to invite people in, when we will tell their children and their children’s children that they are not good enough because they do not look like us, or they do not have an appropriate middle name like Sidney.

I have renewed faith that a group of people with different ideas can gather together and get the job done.

Perhaps I am being a little dramatic about a simple dinner. Unfortunately I do not see much else going on now that I can use to inspire hope in the future.

I will take what I can get.