Good Party Islands Around the World

Everyone enjoys a good celebration. Whether you’re a young traveler or someone who just likes having a good time while soaking up some tropical sun, then finding the perfect party island will be important to you. There are countless tropical destinations in the world and all of them are beautiful, however, not all of them offer the party atmosphere you may be looking for.

One of the best locations to discover crazy party islands is in Greece. Visitors flock to the country for its cool weather, stunning beaches, warm waters, and great parties. The top two places to party are Ios and Corfu. Corfu is located on the west coast of Greece. There are regular beach parties outside of the famed Atlantis nightclub and vacationers all seem to stay at the notorious Pink Palace. During the day people soak up the warm Mediterranean sun and then party all night long.

Ios see a lot of travelers who want to do one thing: party. Ios is not only a party island but it is also beautiful and filled with culture (Homer was from here!). The island has a lot of tropical beaches with crystal clear blue water. At night, everyone comes out for some great seafood and Greek dining before spending the evening doing body shots of each other and waking up on the beach. Most party goers end up staying out until sun rise and sleep it off while getting a tan during the day. This is an island for the night owl.

For those looking to get out of the Mediterranean, you can head over to Southeast Asia and the islands of Bali and Ko Phangan. Bali is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Located in Indonesia, this huge island has a bit of everything. And those looking for a party will find it on Kuta beach. Besides great surfing, this spot is known for its beach parties and excessive nightlife. Here the tourists get loud, get down, and get crazy. It’s a cheap destination making it really popular among backpackers, Aussies, and Kiwis. After you burnt yourself out at night, treat yourself to a nice massage during the day.

Bali might be famous worldwide but Ko Phangan is the world’s premiere party destination. This island is well known to all travelers. It hosts the famous Full Moon Party every month, when 20,000 or more people descend on Haat Rin beach to consume large quantities of alcohol and dance until dawn. All the partying happens on Haat Rin beach and every night, the beach fills up with crowds of revelers looking to just have a good time. There is always an excuse to party, whether it is a Full Moon, Half Moon, or Black Moon party. After a few of the islands famous alcohol buckets, you won’t care what party you are at.

In the South Pacific, Fiji is well known to be a center of parties and activities. The most famous island group there is the Yasawa and that sees a lot of young backpackers who only have fun and sun on their mind. Here cheap bungalows, nightly BBQs, and cheap alcohol as well as beautiful beaches and great diving. It also helps that Fiji is a major stop on all RTW airline tickets.

No matter where you desire to go in the world, there is a location that is perfect for you. You’ll find what you are looking for and will be partying with sun kissed tourists from around the world in no time.
Sabung Ayam
Bali’s Possible Future Marine Research Center

Bali’s Possible Future Marine Research Center – as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

Marine researchers have a pretty cool job. So, it would make sense that they would get to work in a unique and beautiful environment.

Architecture and design studio, Solus 4 based in Kittery Maine, proposed a magnificent structure for Bali, Indonesia’s International Design Competition for a Marine Research Center. The building would be located on water near Kuta beach and will encompass 2,500 square meters. The center will include private, semipublic and public areas. The inside of the building unveils an aquatic garden, scientists’ bedrooms, a bar, auditorium, underwater labs and a pool terrace. The design company’ notes -l”The spaces are located above and under water and allow the visitors and scientist to take full advantage of the amazing landscape that surrounds the project”.

The research center would focus mainly on tsunamis and wave patterns, in an effort to allow for earlier and more accurate detection. With a sustainable design in mind, the structure will utilize renewable energy resources, using technologies like tidal wave energy generation and solar power.

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Sabung Ayam