Google electronics market vulnerable to Trojan horse attack

Recently, foreign media exposure out of a shaking news: Android Market serious security vulnerabilities, the current confused after the application submitted after the category landing. On the part of international security experts test, also found that Trojan horse applications can be built properly submitted to the Market for download. In the mobile gaming experts said, laptop battery,Google’s Android mobile phone platform is the most vulnerable to Trojan horses and other attacks.

Google security vulnerabilities exist electronics market vulnerable to Trojan horse attack Market.

Matter experts from the Information Security Survey and Scio Security chief technology officer Jon Oberheide a security test. Test, he forged a name, “an angry bird update” application and submit to the Android Market, the successful application of the criteria to bypass the Android security audit procedures.

After users install the update without the user permission to download a large number of additional unauthorized rogue applications,Asus A42-A6 battery, would take a lot of phone system memory.

Many countries now have security experts on the phone for Apple’s App Store and Google’s Market comparison reference, pointed out that lack of proper and effective application of Market review process, an urgent need to improve. In addition to security experts, this issue is currently Market Android system vendors have also been a lot of resentment and blame.
As for the forgery of the “angry bird update the” Trojan horse, Google has been applied in the shelves cleaned up after 6 hours, while executives said the official Android Market will be held November 19 to upgrade patch corresponding vulnerability.

This issue also led to the current number of players on the Android electronics market concerns. I believe this problem will lead to Google’s attention, in the upcoming Android 2.3 system,Dell Latitude E6400 battery, we expect the official to resolve this as soon as possible to the future development of relations between the major thorny issues.

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