Gouldian Finches For Sale

Here are the types of finches you might like to consider as your future pets. However, it should be noted that the only real difference between them are their colors; particularly the color of the feathers on their head. They are very much alike except the colors and they can breed rather well. This is good news for potential breeders out there.

The three subtypes of these beautiful brightly colored birds are: the black headed, red headed, and yellow headed.

The black headed Gouldian Finch, sometimes called the black faced finch, has black feathers centered on its face. The black covers the entire face and reaches down to the area below the beak. Some of the black faced finches have purple breasts and green backs – an interesting and wonderful color combination. The females may be more expensive than males. Some stores sell them for $ 100 dollars each and the males for just $ 75. A pair costs around $ 150. However, pricing depends on the color combination. Black faced, white breasted with green back finches are much more expensive than the former with the females priced at $ 125, the males at $ 100, and the pair would cost you $ 200.

The red headed Gouldian Finch has red feathers on the area of its face. The dominant head color in all Gouldian Finches, which is the color red, extends behind their eyes. The area below the beak is black most often in this particular type. However, there are more black headed types in the wild than there are red. Some red headed finches have white colored breasts and green backs; another interesting color combination. They are priced around the same as the black faced, white breasted green back Gouldian Finches.

The yellow headed finch isn’t really truly yellow. It is topped by light orange feathers and appears yellow especially when seen with other types of Gouldian Finches. The yellow headed finch appears yellow mainly because of the contrast between it and its darker headed companions. Some yellow headed finches have purple breasts and green backs while others have white breasts and green backs.
The Gouldian Finches aren’t only composed of three colors. The chest, back, and face are mentioned because these are those parts of the bird that are readily seen. There are Gouldian finches that have teal green/aquamarine colored feathers in some parts of their body, coupled with other equally interesting colors that together, make up a very interesting color combo. A single Gouldian Finch can have about 7 beautiful colors. The males are more vividly colored than the females and younglings. But the females are no less beautiful.

Though seeing Gouldian Finches for sale tempt us into buying them, do take into consideration that these birds are now endangered. So if you do get a few of th


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